Advisory Council

President Advisory Council


Nairobi Abrams, Chief Advancement and Communications Officer
Amy Bloedel, Director of Finance
Marybeth Christenson-Jones, Chief Human Resource Officer
Craig Erickson, Vice President of Finance and Operations
Jake Johnson, Interim Associate Dean
Mark Johnson, Academic Dean
Jason Kopp, Chief Information Officer
Jessica Lauritsen, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs
Matt Leaf, Associate Dean of Workforce Education and CTS
Daniel Le Guen-Schmidt, Assistant Human Resources Director
Alison Leintz, Academic Dean
John Macauley, Director of Advancement Services
Jean Maierhofer, Associate Vice President of Equity & Inclusion
Debra Newgard, Director of Institutional Research, Effectiveness and Assessment
Leanne Rogstad, Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs
Sue Schmitz, Director of Student Life and Career Development
Amanda Turner, Vice President of Enrollment Management
Joseph Wightkin, Interim Associate Vice President of Operations and Auxiliary Services
Lisa Yaeger, Interim Special Assistant to the President/Accreditation Data Administrator