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What are the requirements of the President's List

Student Recognition

President's List
Students who are seeking a degree, diploma or certificate are eligible for the President's List. The President's List shall be determined each semester based on the following:
  • A declared major
  • A semester GPA of 3.5 or greater
  • Enrollment status:


               Full-time recognition: 12 or more credits completed during the semester
               Part-time recognition: 6-11 credits completed during the semester          


Only courses with grades A-F are considered in determining enrollment status.
Can I complete a college application online?To view HTC's admissions information, and to apply online, visit  Get Started - Steps to Your Future
To complete an online application please click on the link below.

HTC Online Application
How do I get a copy of the classes I registered for?Login to your e-Services; your schedule is found under Courses & Registration> View & Modify Schedule.
When will I receive my Certificate?Certificates/Diplomas are sent to students approximately 10 weeks after graduation.

What is my Password Number?
Your PIN/Password is defaulted to your birth date in the format YYMMDD or the last 6 digits of your SSN. The first time you log in to HTC's online services you will be prompted to change your PIN/Password. Once you change your PIN/Password, you must remember that it is for future online transactions. If you lose or forget your PIN/Password it must be reset. To reset your PIN?Password you will need to stop by the Registration Office, with a picture id.  
You may also reset your PIN/Password by using the Need Help? on the e-Services Login web page.
How do I get a locker?
There are lockers available for students at no charge. Students must provide their own lock. To avoid having your lock removed students must register the locker number with the receptionist at the campus they are attending. 
If you have further questions, please contact the receptionist at your campus 952-995-1300.     
How do I obtain a student metro bus pass
Students may purchase the Go To College Bus Pass at the Tuition Office at the beginning of each semester.
Bus passes are available to students at a reduced rate during the first few weeks of the semester. If purchased through Metro Transit the cost would be $175.00. With the College discount the cost is $140.00 to HTC. Thanks to the generosity of HTC's Alumni Foundation, they are absorbing 50% of the cost. Students may purchase the Go to College pass for $70.00 at HTC's Tuition Office. The Go to College Bus pass works for both bus services.  Passes are available for Summer students at a lower rate.

Brooklyn Park students should visit the Metro Transit website to route your trip and to get the latest bus schedule.

Metro Transit

Eden Prairie students should visit the SW Transit website  to route your trip and to get the latest bus schedule.

SouthWest Transit
Does HTC offer the Industrial Building Engineering Maintenance Program?
HTC does offer a Industrial Building Engineering Maintenance Technology program. Information can be found on our website under Degrees & Programs
Where is HTC located and what is the main contact number?
Hennepin Technical College has two locations - Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie.  Please see our website for Directions & Campus Maps.
Where can I find the current catalog?
Hennepin Technical College Program catalogs are only available on our website. Information about our programs can also be found on the website under Degrees & Programs. Please click on the links below: