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How do I get a copy of the classes I registered for?Login to your e-Services; your schedule is found under Courses & Registration> View & Modify Schedule.
How do I get a locker?
There are lockers available for students at no charge. Students must provide their own lock. To avoid having your lock removed students must register the locker number with the receptionist at the campus they are attending. 
If you have further questions, please contact the receptionist at your campus 952-995-1300.     
How do I get an official transcript of the courses that I have completed at HTC?Students wishing to obtain an official transcript must submit a Student Transcript Request Form to the HTC Records Department.  The transcript request form authorizes the release of confidential information.
How do I get into my school emailMy HennepinTech emailView
How do I make an appointment with a counselor?Trained, experienced counselors are available to meet with students regarding a variety of issues.

The Counselors:

• Assist students and prospective students in obtaining information and resources necessary for attaining academic, career, and personal goals.

• Serve as a student advocate while upholding the academic integrity of the college.

• Insure that the college environment is beneficial to the educational and emotional development of students.

To schedule an appointment with a Counselor or Student Advisor contact the Admissions Office at 763-488-2547 (BPC) or 952-995-1451 (EPC).
How do I obtain a student metro bus pass
Students may purchase the Go To College Bus Pass at the Tuition Office at the beginning of each semester.
Bus passes are available to students at a reduced rate during the first few weeks of the semester. If purchased through Metro Transit the cost would be $175.00. With the College discount the cost is $140.00 to HTC. Thanks to the generosity of HTC's Alumni Foundation, they are absorbing 50% of the cost. Students may purchase the Go to College pass for $70.00 at HTC's Tuition Office. The Go to College Bus pass works for both bus services.  Passes are available for Summer students at a lower rate.

Brooklyn Park students should visit the Metro Transit website to route your trip and to get the latest bus schedule.

Metro Transit

Eden Prairie students should visit the SW Transit website  to route your trip and to get the latest bus schedule.

SouthWest Transit
How do I purchase books for a class?
Books and classroom materials can be purchased in person before the start of the course or on the first day of class. Bring a copy of your course schedule to purchase books. To learn more information about the college bookstore or to purchase books online visit the
How do I register for a Nursing Assistant course?

Nursing Assistant
To register for a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course, please follow the steps located on our website under "Get Started".
Our Course Schedule contains the dates the course is offered. The Nursing Assistant courses can be fournd under the Practical Nursing program.
The Nursing Assistant course is typically 5 weeks in length and prepares you to take the Nursing Assistant state exam. The CNA class is also a prerequisite to HTC's Practical Nursing program.
How do I register for classes?Online Registration InstructionsView
How do you withdraw from a class?

How to Drop or Withdraw From a Course

You may modify your schedule by signing on to e-Services login.