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Does HTC offer Workplace Safety & OSHA?HTC Customized Training Services offers real-world Workplace Safety and OSHA compliance training to the construction industry, general industry, and commercial vehicle operators. Classes can be delivered on site, online, or in a blended learning format. HTC also offers a Hazardous Materials Technology Certificate.View
Does HTC offer daycare?HTC does not have a preschool or child care center.View
Does Hennepin Technical College offer Pharmacy Technician program?Information on HTC's Pharmacy Technician program can be found under Degrees & Programs on our website.View
What does "only defined majors may register for this course" mean?Some courses are set up exclusively for certain majors. If you receive this message you will not be allowed to register for that particular course unless you have declared program as your major. Some "defined major courses" may open up to all students close to the semester start.View
What does "time conflict" in my schedule mean?You have registered for courses that conflict or overlap with each other. However, courses with a warning due to a conflict are registered courses. Please be sure to review your schedule closely and adjust accordingly. View
What does "invalid credits" mean?You will get this message if you incorrectly enter variable credits. For example, variable credits must be entered as 0100 for a 1 credit course or 1100 for an 11 credit course. View
What is my D2L login?Your D2L Login is used to access HTC's Learning Management System where your teacher may place your class information, tests, and other documents related to the course.View