“I loved the people at Hennepin Technical College,” says 2011 graduate Masiha Warakhwala. “I met some amazing people there.” For her, the people she met and the support they offered were just as important as the lessons being taught in the college’s classrooms. 

Warakhwala moved to the United States from India in 2003.  After graduating from Edina High School, she attended a local community college, but then felt that she would benefit from smaller class sizes because she was still learning English. That’s when she decided to enroll at HTC, where she chose to pursue a degree in the Business Analyst and Business Management program. “My father is a businessman in India and operated a clothing store,” says Warakhwala, “so I thought I would like to be a businesswoman.”

After earning an A.A.S. at HTC, she transferred to Metropolitan State University, graduating in April 2013, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  “I changed my focus from business management to business administration, to expand my horizons,” Marakhwala explains. She felt that her experience at HTC helped prepare her for continuing her education. “After HTC, I felt more confident and I was better at understanding English,” says Warakhwala. “I felt more comfortable and didn’t feel like I was a person from another country. I fit in.” That feeling of belonging has been a key to her success. 

“I really liked the Learning Resource Center (LRC),” says Warakhwala.  “I started out going there to do my homework, but then I got to work there and help other students.” The LRC is available to all HTC students and offers a supportive environment for individual or group tutoring in math, reading, writing, technical course work, English proficiency, study skills, organizational skills, and test preparation.  “The whole LRC team really helped me,” says Warakhwala. “They were very supportive, and without them, I would have had a different experience.”

Now Marakhwala hopes to put her education to work in the marketing field. Since she had an opportunity to work on marketing projects at Metropolitan State, she’s eager to gain more experience in the business world. 

Gaining skills and confidence at HTC prepared Masiha Warakhwala to continue her education. With her own hard work and the help of people at HTC, she’s on her to way to realizing her dream of being a businesswoman.  

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