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Hennepin Technical College Economic Impact Report

Big Impact



Hennepin Technical College has a major impact on our communities and our state, generating more than $237.7M in economic impact each year. That’s one of the findings in a study, commissioned and recently released by Minnesota State in conjunction with several of the system’s colleges.


Technical education has a significant effect on earnings, and over many decades, the impact is huge. Since 1990 nearly 39,000 students have been granted awards as Hennepin Technical College students. Based upon the conservative assumption that each recipient will earn an additional $6,250 annually more than they would with just a high school degree, the impact of graduates’ additional earnings while living and working in Minnesota over the span of 40 years will be $5.4 billion.


Among the other findings: many of the 9,500 students enrolled in Hennepin Technical College classes are adult learners, with an average age of 27. And the student body is highly diverse, with 62.5% of students from underrepresented populations.

You can view the complete report here:

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