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ID: 1202
First Name: Jessica
Last Name: McGinley
Business Name: Clallam County Fire Protection District #1
Job Title: Paramedic/Admin
Contact Phone: 3605826900
ID: 1203
First Name: Keith
Last Name: Van Housen
Business Name: Brunswick County Emergency Services
Job Title: EMT- Paramedic
Contact Phone: 910-616-7826
ID: 1204
First Name: James
Last Name: Crutchfield
Business Name: Manatee County Government
Job Title: Chief, Community Paramedicine
Contact Phone: 941 749-3500 ext 1648
Email: james.crutchfield
ID: 1205
First Name: Chris
Last Name: Farmer
Business Name: Charleston County EMS
Job Title: Division Chief
Contact Phone: 843-847-1013
ID: 1206
First Name: Chad
Last Name: Bartalone
Business Name: 3847
Job Title: Firefighter/Paramedic
Contact Phone: 2697574830
ID: 1207
First Name: Xenya
Last Name: Poole
Business Name: Idaho Bureau of EMS
Job Title:
Contact Phone: 2087610110
ID: 1208
First Name: David
Last Name: Anderson
Business Name: North Gilliam County Health District
Job Title: Director
Contact Phone: 541-454-2888
ID: 1209
First Name: Michael
Last Name: Spingola
Business Name:
Job Title: Paramedic
Contact Phone: 631-739-3537
ID: 1210
First Name: Crystal
Last Name: Nykiel
Business Name:
Job Title: Flight Paramedic
Contact Phone: 218-464-3201
ID: 1211
First Name: Jacob
Last Name: Shepard
Business Name: Allina
Job Title: Paramedic
Contact Phone: 651-261-3830
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