• If you are 18 years or older and possess a valid motorcycle permit (from a Minnesota license exam station) you may be able to earn your motorcycle endorsement upon successful completion of the entire course. Note: riders who have already failed a state and/or MMSC skill test twice are not eligible for the State Skill Test Waiver. All subsequent skill tests for a motorcycle endorsement must be taken at a DVS exam station.

    This course is physically demanding and requires 100% attendance. Participants MUST:

    • Be at least 16 years old (Parent/guardian signature is required for participants under 18 years of age)
    • Possess a valid automobile license.
    • Be able to balance and ride a bicycle Motorcycles are provided.

    You must bring the required protective gear for on the range skills including:

    • Eye protection
    • Long-sleeved shirt/jacket
    • Full-fingered gloves
    • Long pants with no tears or holes
    • Sturdy footwear that covers the ankles
    • A D.O.T. approved helmet
    • Parent/guardian signature is required for participants under 18 years of age
  • Eye protection is required for all motorcycle or moped operators in Minnesota. A DOT approved helmet is required for operators younger than 18 and for riders with an instruction permit. Adults with valid motorcycle endorsements can choose whether or not to wear a helmet in Minnesota.

  • Yes. Licensed Minnesota drivers 18 years of age or older with a valid motorcycle permit can earn their endorsement by passing the Basic Rider course. The MMSC basic course also fulfills safety course requirements for Wisconsin and North Dakota residents.

  • Courses are limited to 12 students and fill quickly so we recommend that you register for a course as soon as possible. You may have to wait for two - three weeks before you are able to attend a course.

  • Refund Policy : (Also applies to purchase orders) Full refunds will be given to any student/company canceling 5 business days prior to the first session. Student and/or companies will incur all charges with no refund if the student does not drop the course 5 Business days prior to the first session.

    Transfer Policy:  Students will be allowed a one (1) time transfer if we are notified 5 Full Business days prior to the first session.

    To receive a transfer or refund, please call our office for assistance at  952-995-1330.

  • Should a class be canceled due to insufficient enrollment, you will receive a full refund. We will make every effort to contact you in this event and ask if you would like transfer to another class or receive a refund. Note: Please include two (2) phone numbers and an e-mail address with your registration so that we may notify you of any changes in the status of your class.

  • The Basic Rider Course is a 11.5-hour course, which combines a 5 hour required eCourse and practice riding on a motorcycle. The eCourse topics include protective gear, mind and machine preparation, risk management, rider responsibility, street strategies, special riding situations, and alcohol. The riding portion of the class covers the basics of straight-line riding, turning, shifting, and stopping, and the advanced skills of counter-steering, cornering, swerving, and emergency braking.

  • Courses are offered at Hennepin Technical College's Brooklyn Park Campus and Eden Prairie Campus from mid-April through September. Basic courses (11.5 hours) usually run on a two-weekend day schedule, occasionally weekdays. Experienced courses (5 hours for IRC, 8 hours for ADV & EXP) run on weekends. See the course schedule for more details.

    • Yes, if you are over 18 years of age and plan to earn your motorcycle endorsement on your Minnesota driver’s license.
    • No, if you are under 18 years of age, you are required to take the Basic Rider Course before taking the motorcycle permit and skill tests. You must have a driver’s license to enroll in the course.
    • No, if you are over 18 years of age and do not plan to earn your motorcycle endorsement through the course.
    • No, if you are a resident of another state with a valid driver’s license.
  • Participants must be at least 16 years of age to take the course and have a valid driver's license. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have your parents sign a waiver/liability form.

  • Participants must furnish their own protective clothing: eye protection, long sleeves, long pants, full-fingered gloves, over-the-ankle footwear, and DOT approved helmet. Rider coaches are required to dismiss participants who do not bring and use the aforementioned protective gear.

  • To take this course, you must be able to ride and balance a bicycle. Balancing is not taught in this course. You must be able to safely control the motorcycle during every exercise. Your rider coaches may dismiss you from the course if, at any time, they feel you are a danger to your own safety or the safety of other participants.

  • To successfully complete the course, 100 percent attendance is required. Participants must pass the knowledge test and the skills test. Motorcycle Safety Foundation curriculum standards require rider coaches to dismiss participants who are late or miss any portion of the entire course.

  • Riding a motorcycle requires a motorcycle endorsement or motorcycle permit. A moped can be ridden on the street by any licensed driver or anyone 15 years of age or older with a moped permit. A scooter is either a moped or a motorcycle, depending on its size: A moped is defined as having 50cc or less, having less than 2hp, and capable of no more than 30 mph. If it does not meet all three requirements, it is considered a motorcycle. GoPeds, small, two wheeled vehicles with motors but none of the required equipment for motorcycle and mopeds (headlight, mirrors, etc.) are only legal to ride on private property.

  • A Minnesota motorcycle instruction permit is valid for one year from the date it is issued.

  • The permit test is based on the Minnesota Motorcycle/Motorized Bicycle Manual. Go to the nearest state exam station to pick up a copy of the manual, or view it here.

  • Go to the nearest state exam station to take the written permit test. For a list of exam station locations, click here.

    Note: There is a fee for the permit test.

  • For adults (18 years of age or older), who have a valid Minnesota or Wisconsin driver's license, there are two ways:

    1. Take the knowledge (permit) test and the riding (endorsement) test at a state exam station.
    2. Take the knowledge (permit) test at a state exam station, and then take our Basic Rider course. If you pass, you'll qualify for your motorcycle endorsement without having to take the riding test at the state exam station.

    If you are a minor (younger than 18 years of age), you must take the Basic Rider course first, then take the knowledge (permit) test and the riding (license) test at a state exam station.

  • Yes, please contact Rhonda Allen at 952-995-1335 or Rhonda.Allen@hennepintech.edu to inquire about private sessions for riding clubs or groups.

  • Courses will run regardless of the weather conditions. Be prepared for rain, snow, wind, cold, and heat. Bring rain gear and dress in layers for warmth. Class may be postponed by the instructor because of severe weather.
    • Yes, training motorcycles (125 to 250cc) are provided for the Basic Rider Course only.
    • No, training motorcycles are not provided for the experienced, advanced and expert courses. Participants must provide their own motorcycle. The motorcycle must be street legal, and you must provide current proof of insurance to your instructor.
  • Yes, provided you show proof of insurance and your motorcycle is street legal with an engine displacement of 500cc or less with an unladen weight of 400 pounds or less.

  • The Basic Rider course is designed for people who have never ridden a motorcycle. Many participants pass the course on their first try, but it is not uncommon for participants to take the course more than once.

  • Yes, North Dakota accepts the Minnesota basic course for motorcycle endorsements.

  • Yes, Wisconsin accepts the Minnesota basic course for motorcycle endorsements. Wisconsin residents DO NOT need a motorcycle permit to earn their endorsements.

  • Go to the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety website at motorcyclesafety.org.

  • Motorcycles are provided for the Basic Rider Course only. If a student chooses, they may bring their own motorcycle to the Basic Rider Course provided it is registered as a motorcycle and not a moped, is street legal with an engine displacement of 500 cc or less with an unladen weight of 400 pounds or less, passes a T-CLOCS inspection, and is insured.
  • The Basic Rider Course is $245. The Intermediate Course is $55. The Advanced and Expert Courses are $75.
  • If you took the course within the last three years, you should contact the school at which you took the course for a replacement. For school contact information, please contact Rachel Salmela at rachel.salmela@hennepintech.edu.
  • To view all and order all available MMSC safety materials, click here.
  • No. However, DirtBike Tech (763-757-3478) offers dirt bike schools. You can also find dirt bike schools by calling 877-288-7093.