"Our goal is to better serve our communities with courses and programs customized to their organizational or individual needs."

CTS is dedicated to the development and delivery of a wide variety of informative and instructive programs and services intended to advance the economic and personal growth of business, industry, the public service sector, and the entire community.

We offer seminars, short courses, conferences, certifications and online learning opportunities that will provide individuals support to achieve their potential, public sector agencies/departments tools to better serve their constituents, and businesses means to increase their bottom-line.

To provide high-quality, comprehensive educational programs and services that advance economic growth, global competitiveness, and improve the communities we serve.

To be the premier, most highly regarded and preferred provider of education and training, serving both business and community needs.

1. Provide high-quality professional development and personal enrichment programs.

2. Increase the awareness of programs and services to target audiences and the general public.

3. Develop programs designed to improve the communities we serve, meeting the needs of area businesses and the community at large.


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