About CTOT Training

A public/private partnership dedicated to training operators in the safe, legal and professional operation of construction trucks.

A group of highway heavy contractors along with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Minnesota State Patrol, and Hennepin Technical College are working together in a proactive role on the safety of trucking in the highway heavy construction industry. Most companies indicate that large risks are in the areas of construction trucking and traffic control. The CTOT program is intended to assist in helping manage the risk in the construction trucking. Make sure if you hire outside trucking that you include them as you plan who should attend a CTOT program.

State of Minnesota Contract/ Specification 1802: Qualification of Workers

Operators of construction trucks hauling construction materials such as borrow, aggregate base, asphalt mixtures and concrete paving mixtures are encouraged to become trained in CTOT.

The objective of the training is to make the driver aware of the Federal and State requirements and regulations regarding the construction truck and driver and the safe driving techniques that will result in the safe operation of the construction truck.  Presenters are from the Minnesota State Patrol, Minnesota Department of Transportation and Hennepin Technical College.

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