About MAAC

The Manufacturing Assessment and Advancement Center (MAAC) is a cutting-edge technical education model brought to you by Hennepin Technical College and the US Department of Labor. Its main goal is to make high quality education accessible to more people, easier to complete, and, most importantly, get people into a stable, high-paying career.

MAAC features state-of-the-art tools serving the fields of Machining, Welding, and Automation. Our blended and online courses allow learners the flexibility that life demands, but with the support and services of traditional on-campus education.

Our services are available to nearly all learners—credit-based students, non-credit, on campus, off campus. You name it! We likely have services to assist you through your education. Apply today by clicking below!

If you’re looking to explore the potential that a career in manufacturing has to offer, but need a better understanding of this expanding industry, Careers in Manufacturing is for you! This course introduces students to all that a manufacturing career has to offer! You’ll learn about the skills, technology, work environment, and potential salary in fields such as:

  • Machine Tool Technology
  • Mechatronics (Automation/Robotics, Electronics, Fluid Power)
  • Welding and Metal Fabrication
  • Plastics Engineering Technology
  • Engineering CAD (Computer Aided Design) Technology

Unlike any other course, you’ll gain hands-on experience in each sector of HTC’s Manufacturing Programs. A tour of a local, cutting-edge manufacturer and the hands-on projects will help shape your view of the true manufacturing career.

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  • Machine Tool Technology:  Starting salaries average $18 per hour, $24-25 per hour with experience
  • Mechatronics (Automation/Robotics, Electronics, Fluid Power)
    • Automation/Robotics $20-25 per hour
    • Electronics $15-31 per hour
    • Fluid Power $16-26 per hour
  • Welding and Metal Fabrication: $10-25 per hour
  • Plastics Engineering Technology: $16-27 per hour (source:
  • Engineering CAD (Computer Aided Design) Technology: $20-25 per hour (source:


Since its launch in the fall of 2013, the MAAC Program has supported over 425 students in such areas as Automation & Robotics, Machining, Welding and Engineering/CAD.

We offer a wide array of support to ensure students are able to complete their degree in a timely manner and get additional support if they need it. Additionally, we've added exciting cutting-edge technology to our fleet. This past fall, we installed robotic welders at both campuses. This new equipment will blend HTC's expertise in both Robotics and Welding.

Many of our employer partners are using this precise technology, and we will now be able to provide students with the training they need to secure great jobs at these employers. The MAAC Program is funded through a TAACCCT Round 2 Grant from the US Department of Labor. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Matt Leaf, Director of MAAC, at 952.995.1345 or

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