Continuing Education

"The course was nicely designed for people who do not have advanced knowledge in retirement planning (such as myself!) "
Passport to Retirement, Former Student, March 2015

Continuing Education is the gateway to lifelong learning. Our classes and workshops are open to everyone, regardless of educational background.

We can help you learn and develop new and existing skills, increase your effectiveness on the job, and even discover a new career or hobby.

Featured Courses

Strapped for cash? Want to save but not sure where to start? This class is for you. Topics covered will include financial goal setting, tracking current spending, creating a budget, understanding credit, managing debt, saving for the future, and the basics of taxes and investing.
Are you trying to figure out what to do with your life? Are you going through a big life transition? Do you want to find direction? This 3-hour workshop will show you how to use a strengths-based approach in designing a life that maximizes who you are to achieve a life you want.
No matter how near or far from retirement you may be, it’s never too late to plan for your future. This course is packed with the information you need to assess retirement costs, determine your sources of retirement income, improve your investment potential, and help preserve your estate for your heirs. Find out how you can fight inflation, avoid unnecessary taxes, and position yourself from the potentially devastating costs of long-term care.

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