Culinary Training for the Healthcare Professionals


This course introduces culinary techniques and hospitality concepts essential for careers in the healthcare foodservice industry. Participants will gain an understanding of the technical and soft skills necessary for providing dining and nutritional services for residents of long-term care and senior living communities, including subjects such as: Introduction to Hospitality, Dining Room Experience and Communication, Safety & Sanitation, Culinary Techniques, Culinary Nutrition, Baking & Pastry Creation, and Essential Soft Skills for the Healthcare Employees. Participants will take the ServSafe Food Manager Exam to become ServSafe Certified upon successful course completion.


Course Fee Includes:

  • 87 hours of instruction
  • ServSafe Manager Book
  • ServSafe Manager Exam Administration
  • Knife Set
  • Apron



  • 18 years of age or older
  • Preferred Skills: Willingness to learn, grow, and take initiative. Participants must be reliable, responsible, be able to problem solve, have good writing skills and be able to communicate well with others as a member of a team.


Financial Assistance:

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