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Medication Aide

This course will review the information required for unlicensed personnel to administer medications while under the direction and supervision of a licensed registered nurse. You will learn legal and ethical issues related to medication administration, body systems and medications for each, administration of non-parental medication, and other required skills.

A Medication Aide Award of Achievement is earned upon completion of the course and meeting all course guidelines. This course provides the state approved Medication Administration for Unlicensed Personnel program. This class is WIOA Certified.

Minnesota law governs the qualifications required to work as a medication aide in a licensed nursing home. To work as a Medication Aide in a skilled nursing facility, students must have completed a nursing assistant training program approved by the Minnesota Department of Health before enrollment in a trained medication aide program. These employees are not required to take the nursing assistant exam, nor to have ever been on the nursing assistant registry. A person who challenges the Minnesota nursing assistant exam or transfers in from another state, for example, would not be eligible. It is the responsibility of the facility to document completion of an approved nursing assistant training program. Students will apply classroom learning in the laboratory setting promoting safe medication administration.

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