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Tutoring Centers

Tutoring services are free to all students enrolled in classes at Hennepin Tech. We can help you with:

  • D2L
  • Zoom
  • Office 365
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Health
  • Homework Questions

Tutors are available to meet with students via Zoom or in person on campus.

The Tutoring Centers are closed over the semester break and will reopen on Monday, June 5, 2023 for the Summer Semester.

After Hours Tutoring is a free tutoring service that offers up to 15 hours of tutoring per academic year to all Hennepin Tech students.

Tutoring Team

Brooklyn Park Campus Tutors

Pamela Mueller

Available summer term.

  • Microsoft Office Programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Project
  • Adobe Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat
  • Graphics Programs
  • CPLT classes
  • Child Development
  • Microsoft Office Productivity Apps 1 & 2
  • METS 1000: MSOffice and beginning AutoCAD

Rob Stokowski
Math Center Tutor

Available summer term.

  • Math
  • Physics
  • METS 2100 Statistics and Strengths of Materials
  • MACH 2425 - Geometry/Trigonometry for Machinists

Eden Prairie Campus Tutors

Sharful Alam
Tutoring Center Tutor

Available summer term.

  • Math
  • Accounting, Finance, Payroll Accounting, Income-Tax, Quick Book etc.
  • Python programming, C#, Linux (Ubuntu)
  • CCNA-1 and 2
  • A+ Hardware
  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Windows Admin, Office2016
  • SolidWorks

Rebecca Montgomery
Math Center Tutor

Available summer term.

  • Math classes
  • Introductory Physics 2001
  • METS 2100 Statics & Strengths of Materials

Maggie Vyskocil
Access Services Specialist

Available summer term.

  • Basic study skills, text anxiety, organization and time management

Science & Health Careers Tutoring

Maddie Mickelson
Eden Prairie Campus
Health Careers Tutor

Not available summer term.

  • Human Biology
  • General Biology
  • General Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Dental program classes
  • Nursing program classes
  • Nursing Assistant program classes



Read&Write is a support tool that offers help with everyday tasks such as reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments and proofing written work, no matter where you are working on your school work.

Get access for free on any device or platform, by emailing for the directions on how to link to Hennepin Tech’s license.

Online Tutoring

Students can connect with professional tutors to ask general questions about any Hennepin Tech coursework, submit writing for feedback, and ask specific homework questions.

  • Interact with a tutor
  • Submit your writing for feedback
  • Submit a question and receive a reply from a tutor

Submit an Online Tutoring Request. You will receive a response within 24 hours on business days to connect with a tutor. Our online tutoring service is easy to use and can be accessed on any device that connects to the internet.

Online Tutoring

Click the button above to request online tutoring.

Include the Course Number and Section of the course you need help with in your request.

Tutoring Centers

The Tutoring Centers provide a supportive learning environment in which students can receive free individual or group tutoring or participate in guided study groups. The Tutoring Center is available to all students at HTC. We offer free tutoring on a walk-in basis or by appointment.

Services include Individual or group tutoring in:

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Technical course work
  • English proficiency
  • Study skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Test preparation
  • Specialized learning software is available


Please explore the resources below or contact the Math or Writing Center for additional assistance:

General Study Skills

Test Anxiety

College Algebra

Math Skills


APA/MLA Formatting



Math Centers

The Math Center guides students in understanding mathematical concepts and provides tutoring for all HTC math courses. Come to the Math Center for homework help, test prep, quiet study area and computer access. We offer free tutoring on a walk-in basis or by appointment.

Writing Centers

We offer free tutoring on a walk-in basis or by appointment.

Main Goals of the Writing Center

  • Help Students through trained peer, staff, and faculty tutoring
  • Understanding assignments
  • Troubleshoot and work through problem areas
  • Prioritize assignment tasks and goals
  • Build on existing skills

Writing Support

  • Sentence-level work
  • Paragraphs
  • Essays
  • Reports
  • Technical writing
  • Business writing
  • Career documents

Skill Building

  • Assignment interpretation
  • Clear expression of ideas
  • Topic focus
  • Paragraph organization
  • Essay organization
  • Transitions
  • Thesis statement
  • Page formatting
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Sentence structure
  • Research and citation
  • Style



Hennepin Technical College’s Tutoring Centers have been awarded International TUTOR Training Program Certification (ITTPC) by the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) for program certification level(s): Level I Certified Tutor, Level II Advanced, and Level III Master Tutor.

CRLA (College Reading & Learning Association) is an international professional organization devoted to the fields of reading, learning assistance, developmental education, tutoring, and mentoring at the college/adult level.



Leave a voicemail–messages are checked Monday to Friday during the semester.