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Location: Eden Prairie Campus
Department: Advising/Counseling
Hours: Mondays-Thursday 10:00AM-1:00PM
Positions: 2 Student Services Assistants @ 6 hours each week (12 work-study hours per week x 52 weeks =624)
Description: Student Services Assistants will assist newly admitted students with their E-Services account, financial aid status, new student orientation, and setting up student email accounts. Assistants will also assist with basic inquiries.
Qualifications: 1) Must be taking 6 credits or more 2) Good academic standing and can maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher (Student cannot be on academic warning or probation). 3) Student must have a flexible schedule, must be willing to work 4:00PM-7:00PM two nights a month. These dates will be presented two weeks prior. (Student will not work in the morning of the day they are coming in late). 4) Must be able to work independently; with little supervision 5) Ability to follow directions 6) Excellent customer service skills **Please submit a resume to
Supervisor: Nhia Xiong
Phone: 9529951482

Location: Eden Prairie Campus
Department: ARET/Packaging
Hours: various
Positions: 2
Description: Assist faculty in cleaning, organization, equipment maintenance and other tasks assigned to the student
Qualifications: Currently enrolled ARET student
Supervisor: Jeff Thorstad
Phone: 952.9951623

Location: Eden Prairie Campus
Department: Audio Production
Hours: 580
Positions: Audio Production Work-Study
Description: The student will work with various tasks, as determined by the supervisors.
Qualifications: -Completion of the first semester of Audio Production courses. -3.0 or higher GPA -Attention to detail -Soldering skills helpful but not required
Supervisor: Matt Holmes/Rik Stirling
Phone: 9529951425

Location: Brooklyn Park Campus
Department: Auto Body
Hours: 1pm-5pm, mon-thurs, 8am - 1pm, fri
Positions: 2
Description: Clean lab and classrooms. put away supplies, repair equipment, build props, assist instructors.
Qualifications: Must be a current auto body student, at HTC, BPC.
Supervisor: Tom Phillips
Phone: 7634882473

Location: Eden Prairie Campus
Department: Auto Body
Hours: 10am--3pm
Positions: maintenance cleaners motivated independent
Qualifications: lift 30 pounds
Supervisor: mike netzinger
Phone: 1563

Location: Eden Prairie Campus
Department: Automotive Technology
Hours: 2-5
Positions: Automotive Lab Clean -Up
Description: I am in need of a few lab assistants to help clean and organize the automotive lab.
Qualifications: Ability to work independently and self directed Light Lifting and Bending Mechanical Aptitude Experience Cleaning
Supervisor: Andrew Thul
Phone: 952-995-1558

Location: Brooklyn Park Campus
Department: Bookstore
Hours: 10-18 hours per week
Positions: 3-4 students
Description: retail work in bookstore, cashiering, customer service, merchandise control.
Qualifications: -cashier/ retail experience -friendly, customer service skills -must be able to stand for long periods, lift 40 lbs, This is a physical job. -Must be available to work at least some Fridays.
Supervisor: julie balamut or Valeriya Marko
Phone: 763-488-2481

Location: Brooklyn Park Campus
Department: Culinary
Hours: OPEN
Positions: Culinary Arts office work
Description: Primarily data entry, filing and organizing. Misc duties as they arise.
Qualifications: Computer skills including thorough understanding of D2L. Good math skills. Excellent organization.
Supervisor: Gretchen Dorn
Phone: 763.488.2435

Location: Brooklyn Park Campus
Department: Culinary
Hours: flexiblle, but morinings prefered
Positions: Sous Chef
Description: I am specifically looking for student with culinary background, and also do spread sheets, office work and dining room work. Tasks will involve organizing storage areas, labeling, cleaning and inventory.
Qualifications: Culinary and math skills, attention to detail
Supervisor: David Eisenreich
Phone: 763.488-2439

Location: Brooklyn Park Campus
Department: Customized Training Services
Hours: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Positions: Customer Service & Office Support
Description: This position will support our customer service efforts and requires skills in the following areas: Customer service; Professional communication skills; MS Office.
Qualifications: Students should have application skills in the areas described above. Student should demonstrate understanding of and willingness to develop excellent customer service skills and communication skills in a professional, fast-paced office setting. This position may be viewed as a professional internship. Expectations: Professional appearance; excellent customer service; computer application skills; willingness to manage and complete projects;work well with the Operations and CT Team and faculty; report to work on time; accurate, detailed oriented.
Supervisor: Sheryl Dauer/Cherie Rollings
Phone: 763.488.2725