Student Advantage (SA) includes:

  1. Five installs of either Office 365 Pro Plus or Office 2011 for Mac.
     Office 365 Pro Plus: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Lync, Access, InfoPath, Publisher installed on Windows as Office2013.
     Office 2011 for Mac: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Lync.
  2. Latest version of Office for both PC and Mac ensuring students are current on office skills.
  3. Ability to edit Office Documents through Office Mobile on iOS and Android.
  4. Office on demand for windows devices.

HTC Students are able to download for FREE Office365 Pro Plus from the HTC home page under the MyHennepinTech tab - but here are answers to 5 FAQ's:

  1. Office 365 ProPlus is a full version of Office. The programs have the same features and functionality as other versions of Office. For example, Word in Office 365 ProPlus works the same way it does in Office Standard 2013.
  2. Users can install Office 365 ProPlus on up to five different computers with a single Office 365 license.
  3. Users can store the files they create with Office 365 ProPlus on their local computers or elsewhere on your network, such as a SharePoint site. Office 365 provides cloud-based file storage options, but you don’t have to use them.
  4. When you deploy Office 365 ProPlus, it's installed on the user's local computer. Office 365 ProPlus is not a web-based version of Office. It runs locally on the user's computer. Users don't need to be connected to the Internet all the time to use it, users must connect to the Internet at least once every 30 days.
  5. Office 365 ProPlus is not the same as Office Online. Office Online lets users open Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote documents in a web browser. Office Online is included with all Office 365 plans.

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