Academic Planning Guides are used to help students choose and register for courses in a specific sequence. If you have any questions, please contact HTC or look up your Degree Audit Report in eServices to review your progress in your chosen major.

.NET Programmer: Advanced Technical Certificate
.NET Programmer: AAS Degree
.NET Programmer: Diploma
Accounting: AS Degree
Accounting: AAS Degree
Accounting Technician: Diploma
Animation and Motion Graphic Artist: AAS Degree
Animation and Motion Graphic Artist: Diploma
Architectural Technology: AAS Degree
Architectural Technology: Diploma
Audio Production Specialist: AAS Degree
Audio Production Specialist: Diploma
Auto Body Technician: AAS Degree
Auto Body Technician: Diploma
AutoCAD Operator: Certificate
Automated Machinery Adjuster: Diploma
Automated Machinery Systems: Diploma
Automation Robotics Engineering Technology: AAS Degree
Automotive Technician: AAS Degree
Automotive Technician: Diploma
Basic Web Technologies: Certificate
Business Analyst: AAS Degree
Cabinetmaking: AAS Degree
Cabinetmaking: Diploma
Carpentry: Diploma
Child Development: AS Degree
Child Development: AAS Degree
Child Development: Diploma
Cisco Networking: Certificate
CNC Machining for Wood and Plastics: Certificate
CNC Operator: Certificate
CNC Swiss Turning Center Technician: Certificate
Commercial Heating, Ventilation, AC and Refrigeration: Diploma
Commercial Photography: Diploma
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Setup: Certificate
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Technician: AAS Degree
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Technician: Diploma
Computer Service Desk Technician: Certificate
Culinary Arts: AAS Degree
Culinary Arts: Diploma
Culinary Assistant: Certificate
Dental Assistant: AAS Degree
Dental Assistant: Diploma
Desktop Support: AAS Degree
Desktop Support Specialist: Diploma
Electronics Technology: AAS Degree
Electronics Technology: Diploma
Emergency Medical Services Specialist: Certificate
Emergency Room Technician: Certificate
Engineering CAD Technology (BP): AAS Degree
Engineering CAD Technology (BP): Diploma
Engineering CAD Technology (EP): AAS Degree
Engineering CAD Technology (EP): Diploma
Entrepreneurship: Occupational Certificate
Executive Administrative Professional: AAS Degree
Fire Protection Technician: Diploma
Fire Science Technology: AAS Degree
Fire Suppression Technician: Certificate
Floral Business Operations: AAS degree
Fluid Power Engineering Technician (BP): AAS Degree
Fluid Power Engineering Technician (BP): Diploma
Fluid Power Engineering Technician (EP): AAS Degree
Fluid Power Engineering Technician (EP): Diploma
Food and Beverage Specialies: Certificate
Ford ASSET (Automotive Technology): AAS Degree
GMAW Production Welder (MIG): Certificate
Graphic Design - Creative: AAS Degree
Graphic Design - Creative: Diploma
Graphic Design - Production: Diploma
Graphic Design - Web Design: AAS Degree
Graphic Design - Web Design: Diploma
Greenhouse Management Technician: AAS Degree
Greenhouse Production & Professional Floral Design - A: AAS Degree
Greenhouse Technician: Diploma
GTAW Production Welder (TIG): Certificate
Hazardous Materials Technology: Certificate
Health Science (Broad Field): AS Degree
Health Unit Coordinator: Certificate
Heating, Ventilation, AC and Refrigeration: AAS Degree
Hybrid Vehicle Specialist: Certificate
Industrial Building Engineering and Maintenance: Diploma
Interactive Designer: AAS Degree
Interactive Designer: Diploma
Java Programmer: Certificate
Landscape Design and Construction: AAS Degree
Landscape Design and Construction: Diploma
Landscape/Horticulture: AAS Degree
Landscape/Horticulture: Diploma
Linux Networking: Certificate
Maintenance Light Repair: Certificate
Management: AAS Degree
Management: Certificate
Manufacturing Engineering Technology: AAS Degree
Marine, Motorsport and Outdoor Power Equipment: AAS Degree
Marine, Motorsport and Outdoor Power Equipment: Diploma
Media Producer: Certificate
Medical Administrative Assistant: AAS Degree
Medical Administrative Assistant: Diploma
Medical Assistant: AAS Degree FT
Medical Assistant: AAS Degree PT
Medical Coding Specialist (Full-Time): Diploma
Medical Coding Specialist (Part-Time): Diploma
Medical Device Manufacturing Specialist: Certificate
Medical Receptionist: Certificate
Medium/Heavy Truck Drivetrain Technician: Diploma
Medium/Heavy Truck Maintenance Technician: Diploma
Medium/Heavy Truck Technology: AAS Degree
Mfg Eng Tech: Engineering CAD Technology: AAS Degree
Mfg Eng Tech: Plastics Specialization: AAS Degree
Microsoft Database Specialist: Certificate
Motion Graphics: Advanced Technical Certificate
Motorcycle Technician: Certificate
Network Administrator/Analyst: AAS Degree
Network Support Specialist: Diploma
Nursing Station Technician: Diploma
Outboard Technician: Certificate
Pharmacy Technician: Diploma
Plastics Engineering Technology: Diploma
Portrait and Wedding Photography: Diploma
Power Equipment : Certificate
Practical Nursing (Full-Time): AAS Degree
Practical Nursing (Full-Time): Diploma
Pro/ENGINEER Operator: Certificate
Production Technician for Digital Publishing: Certificate
Professional Commercial Photography: AAS Degree
Professional Floral Design and Greenhouse: AAS degree
Professional Florist: Diploma
Professional Portrait and Wedding Photography: AAS Degree
Professional Sales (Business-to-Business): AAS Degree
Professional Sales (Business-to-Business): Certificate
Quality Assurance: Certificate
Residential Heating, Ventilation and AC: Diploma
Residential Remodeling and Design: AAS Degree
Safety Coordinator: Certificate
SolidWorks Operator: Certificate
Street, Utility, and Park Maintenance Technician: Diploma
Structural Iron Fabrication and Repair: Certificate
Tool and Die/Moldmaking : AAS Degree
Tool and Die/Moldmaking : Diploma
Urban Forestry Technician: AAS Degree
Video Production Specialist: AAS Degree
Video Production Specialist: Diploma
Welding: Diploma
Windows Networking: Certificate
Wood Product Engineering: Certificate
Workplace Administrative Assistant: Certificate
Workplace Administrative Professional: Diploma

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