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Minimum of 40 credits total
Course(s) may meet more than one goal area, however, credits are counted only once toward the 40 credit minimum requirement. A 2.0 MnTC GPA is required for recognition of a students completion of the entire Minnesota Transfer Curriculum with or without completing an Associate Degree.  This GPA may include transfer courses with grades of A - D.

Program instructors, with the guidance of their advisory committee, have selected MnTC courses that are provided by the general education department.  Questions regarding the MnTC should be directed to the Transfer Specialist or a college counselor.

MnTC Goal 1: Communication - At least 9 credits (including ENGL2121 and at least 3 credits in COMM)

MnTC Goal 2: Critical Thinking - At least 3 credits

MnTC Goal 3: Natural Sciences - At least 7 credits (one course must include a lab)

MnTC Goal 4: Mathematical/Logical Reasoning - At least 3 credits

MnTC Goal 5: History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences - At least 9 credits (at least 3 credits in SOCI and 3 credits in PSYC)

MnTC Goal 6: Humanities and Fine Arts - At least 3 credits

MnTC Goal 7: Human Diversity - At least 3 credits

MnTC Goal 8: Global Perspective - At least 3 credits

MnTC Goal 9: Ethical and Civic Responsibility - At least 3 credits

MnTC Goal 10: People and the Environment - At least 3 credits

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