A primary goal of Hennepin Technical College is to assist students in making maximum progress toward their educational, career, and personal goals. In order to assist students to be successful, the following services are provided:

Enrollment Advisors
Enrollment Advisors provide a supportive environment to assist students with goal-setting, educational planning, interpretation of assessment results, course selection, and referral to appropriate resources for academic and personal success.

Faculty Advisors
Faculty advisors provide assistance in planning a program of study consistent with the students’educational and employment objectives. All students with a declared major are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor during Advising month, which is held each semester prior to registration.

Professional counselors serve the college community by providing academic, career, and personal counseling to students in a confidential setting. Students can visit with counselors regarding a wide variety of concerns, including managing stress, developing career goals, creating academic plans, and understanding college policies. Counselors may refer students to the appropriate campus and/or community resources to best serve the needs of the student.

Students placed on academic probation or suspension are strongly encouraged to meet with a counselor in order to develop a plan for success.

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