Below is a partial list of agencies that serve people with disabilities. These agencies may provide a variety of services, such as useful information, advocacy, funding, career assistance, and academic assistance. For more information on how agencies can assist students with disabilities, contact the Disability Services Coordinator on your campus.

Transition Webinars
Practical Learning Strategies
Planning for College While Still in High School
Family Roles in Postsecondary Planning
Differences Between High School and College

Post-Secondary Resource Guide (PDF)

Post Secondary Enrollment Options
Information on Minnesota PSEO
Info on all aspects of applying to colleges

Closing the Gap
  Assistive technology in special education and rehabilitation

Center for Applied Special Technology
Info on universal design for learning

Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Info on rehabilitation services for Minnesotans with disabilities
Regional centers for issues regarding education for individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearing

Minnesota Life College
2-4 year postsecondary vocational and life skills training for young adults with learning differences and autism spectrum disorders

Metropolitan Center for Independent Living
Comprehensive information, referral, programming and advocacy for individuals with disabilities

MN State Council on Disability
Info on quality of life and empowerment for individuals with disabilities

Minnesota Department of Human Rights
All human rights issues in Minnesota

Metro Mobility
Door-through-door public transportation
for people with disabilities in the Twin Cities area

Association on Higher Education and Disability
Organization of professionals committed to full participation in higher education for individuals with disabilities
Virginia Commonwealth University RRTC
Info, resources and research about work and disability
Career opportunities for students with disabilities
Career research and job hunting for people with disabilties

Employment info for all including workers or veterans with disabilities

Job Accommodations Network
Info on job accommodations, ADA, and employability

Social Security Online
All social security issues

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