Third Party Payment at HTC
The third party billing process allows agencies and employers to pay a student's educational costs. The agency or employer submits a written authorization for payment to the college. HTC will then invoice the agency or employer for authorized charges after the add/drop period at the beginning of the term and after financial aid applies to students' accounts.

Important Third Party Policies

⇒It is the student's responsibility to provide their third party the correct information concerning tuition and fees, book and supply costs, and any other information needed by the third party. This is especially true if there are any changes to any charges after the original authorization is submitted.

⇒Third party authorizations must be submitted to the third party coordinator or the tuition office by the tuition due date. Any student with third party funding courses will be canceled for non-payment in accordance with the tuition policy if the authorization is not submitted by the time tuition is due.

⇒HTC does not accept authorizations for payment that require a course to be complete before payment is made or a certain grade to be achieved before payment is made. Students with this type of authorization will need to have their tuition paid by the tuition due date and seek reimbursement from their agency or employer.

⇒The student is ultimately responsible for their educational costs. If the third party, for whatever reason, does not pay all or a portion of the student's charges, the student will need to pay any balance in full.

Authorization for Payment
The HTC Authorization for Payment is the preferred method for submitting an authorization. Other forms of authorization or purchase orders will be accepted if the following items are included on it:

⇒Student name

⇒Student ID number (StarID or social security number may be substituted)

⇒Agency/employers name and billing address

⇒Name and phone number of a contact person

⇒Signature of the contact person or authorized signor

⇒Term covered by the authorization

⇒Funding expiration date (if not provided, it will be assumed to be only for the current semester)

⇒Dollar amount to be covered

⇒Types of charges to be covered (i.e. if covering books, it must explicitly say books are covered)

⇒Sales tax exemption number, if applicable

⇒Indication of whether funding should be applied before or after any financial aid is applied to the students account  (if not indicated, it will be assumed the third party's funding to be applied before any financial aid)


Any authorization needs to be received by the tuition due date.  Authorizations can be dropped off at either campus tuition office, faxed, emailed or mailed in to:

Hennepin Technical College
Attn: Third Party Billing
9000 Brooklyn Boulevard
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
Phone: 763-488-2517
Fax: 763-488-2952


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