Encyclopedias, dictionaries and other general information sources are known as Reference books and typically cover the "basics" of a topic.  Reference books can be general (i.e. Encyclopedia Britannica) or specific to a subject (i.e. Encyclopedia of Social Issues).

Reference books are a great way to become acquainted with a research topic.  They often provide a general overview of your topic to introduce you to the basics.  When using reference books, remember to pay attention to specific keywords or terminology related to your topic, important names, and any sources listed where you can find more information.

Below you can search the library catalog (MnPALS Plus) to find physical reference books in the library or use any of our online reference databases to find online encyclopedias and dictionaries.

For online Encyclopedias and Dictionaries, search:

- Credo Reference

- Gale Virtual Reference Library

- Encyclopedia Britannica


For print Encyclopedias and Dictonaries, search:

- MnPALS Plus (the HTC Library catalog)

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