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Customized Training

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Customized Training Services offer food service industry preparation and regulation training options. From safe food handling to certification and preparation methods, we provide experienced industry experts to deliver quality training to employers and employees. We also are able to customize programs specifically for your business. Training is offered to individuals who wish to enhance or upgrade their skills.

We can adapt any program to meet your industry's specific needs and can deliver training at your facility.

Topics Include

  • Serving It Safe
  • MN Fundamentals of School Food Service
  • Food Production
  • Food Manager Certification Training
  • Baked Goods
  • Entrée Course

Catering Fundamentals

Designed for those interested in operating a Food Cart, being a Personal Chef, running a Catering Service or gaining an understanding of licensing a food service operation. What you'll cover: Why do you want to start a food business in Minnesota’ Overview of Food Safety. Licensing, who needs one and how to obtain one for a full service restaurant, food cart, personal chef or temporary vendor. Cooking for a crowd offers challenges that require planning and care. This course will give you practical techniques to make the catering process easier and safer.

Cooking for Health and Wellness

Everyone seems to know that some foods, in excess, are not good for you. Ingredients that supply a lot of fat can create a dish that is satisfying and tasty. Alternatively, low fat ingredients often are good for you, but lack a pleasing "mouth feel" and leave the diner unsatisfied. This course is designed to use elements in cooking that add texture, flavor and color to make meals more enjoyable and are also good for you. Inspiration for the dishes that you will prepare come from a global perspective of food preparation and technique. Menus from Asia, regional cuisine of the United States and the Caribbean give us a multitude of choices. Jerk pork, for example starts with a lean cut of pork loin and develops it's flavors using spices and cooking technique that results in a flavorful, satisfying and healthy treat. The classes will explore salads, soups, entrees, breads, side dishes and desserts. Beyond the enrollment fee, the course also requires $50 lab fee for ingredients. Note: bring supply containers for yourself since there will be enough food to bring some home. If you have a favorite knife you like to work with, please feel free to bring it. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

Basic Cooking Skills

Do you love to cook, but feel intimidated by your lack of skill’ Well we've got a basic skills course that is sure to minimize that lack of confidence. Our class begins with a demonstration by the instructor. Then the class is divided into groups to prepare the menu. The instructor is always close by to answer questions and offer assistance. At the end of the class, students sit down to enjoy the food they prepared, and reflect on their new sense of culinary satisfaction! Once fundamental techniques and methods are understood it becomes possible to cook virtually any food. Basic knife skills, dry heat, moist heat and combination cooking methods will be covered in this course.

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