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Hennepin Technical College Customized Training Service offers emergency medical services programs at the Eden Prairie Campus. Our staff is comprised of experienced emergency medical, paramedic, and first response professionals dedicated to upholding integrity, quality, and devotion to public safety in all aspects of training. Courses are offered for individuals looking to update and enhance their skills and job performance and as a customized training service, adapted to fit your specific business or industry needs. Customized training services can be provided on-site at your facility location.

Community Paramedic
Emergency Medical technician (EMT)
First Responder (EMR)
CPR / First Aid
Bloodborne Pathogens
Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
EMS Response to Terrorism
Emergency Medical Response Team
ACLS - Advanced Cardiac Life Support
ITLS - International Trauma Life Support
EKG - Electrocardiogram
IV Skills - Intravenous Skills

For more information contact:
Kai Hjermstad, EMS Education Director

High Fidelity Simulation, Online classes, First Aid/CPR, 1st Responder & EMT, 1st Responder & EMT Refresher, EMT Bridge, Paramedic Refresher, IV Skills, ACLS, PALS, RN & LPN continuing education.

"I took a 3 day class starting on March 7th for my EMT refresher. I have worked in the ER at Hennepin for more than 13 years and thought I knew a lot. I was more than impressed with your teaching staff. On the last day the instructor did an exercise on the blackboard where are all the students would name all the symptoms of chest pain, abdominal pain and shortness of breath. I did not know there could possibly be that many symptoms. We then eliminated all the symptoms until we got to the one that was correct for that individual patients illness. This exercise was incredibly informational for me and I honestly think that I do my job better now because of the class. This email is to give you a sincere thank you and to let you know you're teaching staff is doing an exceptional job."

B. Broberg EMT-B


"I can not speak highly enough of HTC's Simulation Lab. In May we put our first fire cadet class through the simulation training and it was a fantastic experience! The MFD Fire Cadets came back from HTC excited and feeling very confident. Your staff were exemplary, their experience obvious and their guidance invaluable. It is my hope to permanently incorporate simulation training into our fire cadet curriculum from here on out."

Charlotte Holt, Deputy Chief for EMS
Minneapolis Fire Department

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