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NEW! Attend a HIRE WIRE Training Seminar at the Diversity Fair

Upload your resume with HIRE WIRE at the Diversity Career Fair!

HIRE WIRE will be holding technical training (HBBW 2201) sessions
August 14. 10:00-11:30 and 1:30-3:00
Brooklyn Park Campus, Room H227


What is Hire Wire?

Hire Wire is an online employment technology which is different from other employment solutions. Hire Wire provides recruiters with access to employment candidates, but, more importantly, Hire Wire places a large portion of the active responsibility of reaching recruiters into the hands of the job seeker by giving them the knowledge and the technology.


Job seekers are provided the means, the account and the training, to create websites which are mobile-device formatted, i.e., their Hire Wire Professional Presentations. These websites hold all collaterals which the job seeker deems valuable in demonstrating their skills and the value they can deliver to their next employer, including streaming video.


How do I find out about Hire Wire?

Hire Wire training is structured in two (2) sections: The first section is an introduction to the concept behind Hire Wire, i.e., why Hire Wire is unique and how Hire Wire offers the job seeker an experience, which, if used correctly, differentiates them from other employment candidates.


The second section is the technical training where the account is provided, access is granted, the Professional Presentations are created and, if the job seeker is interested and prepared, the video is produced. The job seeker is also trained to use QR technology, Adword campaigns and other means to drive traffic to their Hire Wire Professional Presentations and monitor the results. The results can be monitored by case managers, employment coaches and others, as well. The statistics are available all within the job seekers’ Hire Wire account.


Why does this make Hire Wire different?

Most online employment services are “passive,” meaning they hold the job seekers’ information, but do not allow for activity, i.e., internet traffic, much less support its monitoring and analysis.


Hire Wire gives employment candidates and the parties who assist them the opportunity to host all their information “in the cloud.” A large part of the responsibility for reaching potential employers, therefore, resides with the candidate, as it should.


Case managers and counselors can monitor traffic and verify employer interface via reporting embedded into the candidate’s Hire Wire account.


In addition, the candidates learn about website design and publication, website traffic and trends, and how to market themselves in the digital age. Hire Wire interfaces with potential employers, as well, through a portal which presents the candidates’ Professional Presentations in a side-by-side display for easy evaluation and filtering.



For more information about HIRE WIRE seminars and training please contact Katherine Stanley at 952.995.1343 or

In order to complete your Professional Presentation during the session, above, please bring the following items to the session:
A          A username and password that you will remember.
B          A classification of your background and experience in the following form
1           Your Industry
FOR EXAMPLE: If you are trained as or have worked as a nurse, your industry would be Health Care.  Other examples of Industries include
a                Information Technology
b                Business Management
c                 Hospitality and Tourism
2           Your Specialty
FOR EXAMPLE: If you are trained as or have worked as a nurse, your Specialty would be Nursing.  Other examples of Specialties under Health Care include:
a                Therapy
b                Technology
c                 Pharmaceutical Services
3           Your Position
FOR EXAMPLE: If you are trained as or have worked as a nurse, your Position would be Nurse.  Other examples of Positions under Nursing include:
a                Home Health Aide
b                Nursing Assistant
c                 Licensed Practical Nurse
C          A professional biography
This is a short, 3-4 sentence, summary of professional background, skills, strengths, etc.
D          Resume in electronic form
E          Digital professional photo
F           All necessary contact information
G          A professional video on USB drive
1           Please see attached video script development instructions.
2           The session will have a web camera available for attendees who wish to produce a vide during the session.
We are excited and energized and are looking forward to sharing our enthusiasm with you.
See you there!

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