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What is CPAT?
This Candidate Physical Abiity Test (CPAT) is designed to teach the student about the joint Wellness-Fitness Initiative established by the International Association of Firefighters and the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the CPAT test.

This initiative lead to the development of an evaluation tool called the CPAT. Upon successful completion of the eight-event program, the student will receive a one year certificate of CPAT completion.

The requirements of the CPAT pre-test program include the following:

1. All candidates have the opportunity to attend at least two orientation sessions within eight weeks of taking the CPAT test.

2. Each candidate is provided with an opportunity to perform two timed practice runs within 30 days prior to the CPAT test.

NOTE: A candidate may sign a waiver form to take the CPAT without participating in the Pre-testing portion of the program. The candidate must sign a waiver at the orientaion meeting, or at least 8 weeks prior to practice or test dates.


Please contact Dan Roeglin at or 952.995.1315

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