Hennepin Technical College uses a step-wise approach toward developing high-quality online courses.  This approach is based on the nationally-recognized Quality Matters process.

Step 1: Blended/Online Course Readiness

HTC offers a Blended/Online Course Readiness Self-assessment Tool that provides faculty with a checklist of specific elements to ensure quality in the design of blended/online courses.   The eLearning Committee promotes faculty participation in Quality Matters™ training and disseminates information regarding local, regional and state-wide workshops and courses. Course readiness is supported by enrollment in a QM Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) course. 

Faculty interested in having their course reviewed must complete the APPQMR course and the HTC Self-assessment Tool.

Step 2:  Mentor Check-in

Faculty who have completed their self-assessment, the Quality Matters™ training, that is, the APPQMR workshop or course, and have revised their courses to address concerns,  contact the QM Coordinator at HTC. The Coordinator will identify a certified Quality Matters™ peer reviewer at HTC to mentor the course developer.  The peer mentor will perform an informal review using the most current QM Higher Education rubric. 

Step 3: Formal Quality Matters™ Review

Once a course has successfully completed its local peer review, the faculty developer may wish to request a national review of the course through Quality Matters™.  The HTC QM Coordinator processes these requests.

Complete Details of  HTC's Course Review Process

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