A strong identity creates a lasting impression of unity and strength. Our identity revolves around our signature. It is a combination of our symbol — an “H” with an open door, or this can be seen as a book and our name: Hennepin Technical College. The goal of creating these standards is to put forth our identity in a way that is easy to use, reflects our purpose and provides a distinctive visual presence in the education community.

Please consult with the marketing department if you have any questions, need assistance or if you are an outside organization that would like to use the logo.

Brand Guide


1. Two color version is prefered

prefered logo with 2 colors


2. The logo may be reveresed out of an HTC orange background

reveresed out logo


3. The logo may be reversed out of an 87% black background

logo revered over black


4. The logo may be used in HTC orange and white revered out of a black background

Logo with orange and white on black



Primary Colors

The HTC primary color pallet consists of Orange, Grey, and White.

Primary HTC colors



Complementary Grays

Grays may be used to compliment the primary colors

HTC greys




The HTC primary fonts consist of the DIN font family choices below.

HTC Fonts



Alternative Fonts

The HTC alternative fonts may be used when the DIN font family is not available for use.

alternative fonts

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