CARE Case Management Team Members

  • Matt Gustafson, Counselor BPC
  • Jessica Lauritsen, Dean of Students
  • Jean Kreutter, Disability Services Director EPC
  • Susan Lorenz, Counselor EPC
  • Randy Roehrick, Director of Security and Emergency Preparedness

CARE Educational Outreach Team Members

  • Jonathan Aldana, TRIO Director
  • Nicole Brothen, ESOL Faculty
  • Pam Drinkwine, Science CLA
  • Cara Garrett, Enrollment Advisor
  • Brenna Hucka, Student Life Coordinator BPC
  • Tim Jacobson, Financial Aid Director
  • Jean Kreutter, Disability Services Director EPC*Chair
  • Jessica Lauritsen, Dean of Student Affairs
  • Jese Ledbetter, Student Life Coordinator EPC
  • Erin Lynne, Safety Officer
  • Kerry Norling, COMM Faculty
  • Vanessa Roman, CTS
  • Jessica Snider, ESOL Faculty
  • Gail Waller, CCDS Faculty

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