1.       Go to https://HTC.bookitadmin.minnstate.edu

2.       Hover over My Account and select Log In

3.       Use your Star ID username and password

4.       Hover over Reservations and select the correct request form

5.       Enter in Date of event/meeting or select Recurrence - multiple dates with the same time range

6.       Select Apply Recurrence once you have selected all dates

7.       Enter Start Time and End Time if you didn’t use Recurrence

8.       Enter Attendance - best estimate is fine

9.       Select Room Type - if you leave this blank, all rooms will show up

10.   Select Find Space

11.   Select green + next to the room you would like, you may select multiple rooms

12.   Rooms will appear above with a red x and the date and time

13.   Select red x if you wish to remove the room

14.   SelectContinue to proceed

15.   Enter Event Name

16.   Select Event Type - use the blue ? to determine what type is best for your meeting/event

17.   Select Group from drop down box - if there are no Groups in your drop down box then click on the magnifying glass and select from the list - if your Group is not in the list, please contact Amy Regan- once you have selected your Group(s) they will be available in your drop down box - select the correct Group from your drop down box

18.   Select 1st Contact from drop down box - you will need to select temporary contact until you are added to the Group and fill in Name, Phone and Email - once you are added to the Group then you will only have to select your name

19.   Select 2nd Contact if needed

20.   Select Yes or No for media equipment and maintenance services - they will receive a copy of the confirmation as needed

21.   Enter any Event Notes you feel are needed

22.   Select Submit to proceed

23.   Description of your request will display

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