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COVID-19 Update: 
At this time online classes will resume at Hennepin Technical College on Monday, April 6th, 2020.  The Campus Store will remain closed until further notice.  All Spring textbooks are available for purchase online with FREE shipping or through the following website ( upon availability. Online orders will be processed weekly. For further updates, please visit HTC homepage.

The HTC Campus Stores support the educational success of students by providing textbooks; course-related and reference materials; educational tools, kits, clothing, and supplies; and computer software.

For the convenience of all members of the college and visitors, a variety of items including food, beverages, gift items, cards, stamps, and other great products are carried in the Campus Store. The Campus Store operation is self-supporting and prices on merchandise are set at a level sufficient to generate income to pay operational costs and purchase the merchandise.


Note:  Campus Store is closed due to COVID-19. 
Monday - Friday: Closed
Saturday & Sunday: Closed 


March 19th - Until Further Notice CAMPUS STORE CLOSED 
April 6th, 2020 Online Classes Resume 


  • Summer 2020 course materials including textbooks are available for purchase beginning May 4th, 2020.
  • Financial Aid book charging for Summer 2020 is from May 4th - June 11th, 2020.  You must bring your HTC student ID and your course schedule to charge on financial aid.
  • Last day to return Spring 2020  RENTAL and PSEO course materials is Wednesday, May 20th, 2020, before 6:00 PM.  Any rental books not returned by this date and time will be charged to your student account.  There are no exceptions to this deadline so plan ahead.
  • Last day to return newly-purchased course materials for Summer 2020 is Thursday, June 11th, 2020.
  • You must have your cash register receipt in order to return any merchandise to the campus stores.


  • Store Retail Buyback: Please check back for further updated information. 
  • The Campus Stores now have wholesale book buyback during all regular hours except the first two weeks for every term.  We buy for an outside wholesaler and use current wholesale prices.  You will need a picture ID in order to sell your books.  As prices change due to demand, we cannot give quotes over the phone.


The HTC-EP and HTC-BP course list for the upcoming term is under the on-line Campus Store tab on the campus store website.  We add the course information when we receive it from the instructor teaching the course.  If nothing is posted, it means we haven't heard from the instructor on his/her course material choice. 

Important:  The Campus Stores cannot be responsible for course materials purchased elsewhere  based on the posted booklist, as the book list changes frequently.  If you choose to purchase your course materials elsewhere, use caution.  Likewise, the Campus Stores will direct you to the official on-line book list if you call or request information about your course materials.  As the list changes frequently, we do not give course material information over the phone or send written documents. 

Finally, when you come to the Campus Stores for your course materials, we will help you find what you need.  However, you are ultimately responsible for assuring that you have the correct materials for your courses.  We can only take recently-purchased returns on wrapped bundles with non-violated access codes with your purchase receipt regardless of your method of payment.   Please keep your receipts as it is your proof of purchase.