You must apply to the college before you schedule testing.

 What is the Purpose of the Accuplacer? The purpose of the assessment test is to provide you and the college with information about your current academic skills levels in reading, writing, mathematics, and computer literacy.  This will help you select appropriate courses and support services, help you succeed, plan a course of study with your counselor or academic advisor, and have a successful college experience.

What will I be tested on?

  • Reading: You will be asked to read a passage and then answer several questions about the passage.
  • Writing: You will be asked to evaluate grammar in a series of sentences.
  • Mathematics: This portion measures your understanding of arithmetic through problem solving. Skills in operations of whole numbers and fractions, decimals and percents, ratios, measurement, and geometry will be assessed.  No handheld calculators are permitted.
  • Computer Literacy: If required for your program, computer literacy skills will be assessed.
  •  Keyboarding:  If required for your program, keyboarding skills will be assessed.

How is the test administered?

You will take the tests using a computer. You will communicate with the computer by using the keyboard or the mouse to enter your answers; no prior computer skills are required. A testing technician will be present if you need assistance. The tests are untimed.  The average student requires 2 - 3 hours to complete the test.

Should I prepare for the ACCUPLACER?

Yes!  Reviewing for the ACCUPLACER could potentially save you hundreds of dollars and semesters at HTC.  The at the bottom of this page will help you prepare for the ACCUPLACER.

Can I fail the ACCUPLACER?

NO! The tests indicate your current skill level – not your potential. The purpose is to enable you to make informed decisions about which courses to take at the beginning of your college career.

Can I retake the ACCUPLACER?

You may retake the ACCUPLACER one time in a two year period.  There is a $10 retest fee payable before you retake the test.

Who needs to take the assessments?

The MnSCU system uses the placement test to help students achieve success in their education. HTC recommends that all degree seeking students take the assessments as soon as they are admitted.  Students must begin any coursework in reading, writing, and mathematics at or below their assessed level. If you have earned four or more cumulative credits and have not taken the placement test, you may be put on hold from registering for classes until your placement test requirement is met.

Who does not need to take the assessments?

You may not be required to take the entire placement test  for the following reasons:

  • Completed the ACT test within the last two years and achieved the following sub scores; Reading - 21, Writing - 18, Math - 22.
  • Received an Associate or Baccalaureate degree
  • Completed comparable tests within the last three years
  • Completed college coursework, with a "C" or better in any of the three academic areas.

For transcript evaluation, please have an official transcript sent to HTC Transfer Center.  Placement testing may be waived by a counselor/advisor upon evaluation of unofficial transcripts.

Can accommodations be made for students with a disability?

Documentation from an appropriate licensed medical practitioner or agency may be required before accommodations can be arranged. There is no fee for this service. If you need accommodations in order to take the test due to a disability, please call Disability Services prior to your test date. 

Students who need testing accommodations must schedule testing arrangements with the Disability Services Coordinator.

Please visit the Disability Services web page for contact information.

If English is not your first language, you will be given an ESL assessment. Please notify the admissions office when scheduling your testing appointment that English is not your first language. The Accuplacer ESL test assesses the English skills of students who have learned English as an additional language to their native or first language.What if English is not my first language?

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