Payment Arrangement/Payment Deadline

Tuition payments are due at the time of registration.  Students who have not made satisfactory payment arrangements by the due date may be dropped from their classes. To avoid being dropped from classes, be sure to do one of the following before the due date.

  • The college has received the FAFSA information electronically from the Department of Education
  • Enroll in an automated payment plan.
  • The college has received an authorization for payment from an employer or funding agency sufficent to cover tuition and fees (also known as third party).
  • The college received advanced payment of a scholarship sufficient to cover tuition and fees.
  • Enrolled as a high school PSEO student and submitted a three-part form to the Registration Office authorizing enrollment.
  • Partial payment has been made. If none of the other conditions above mentioned are true, the student may be subject to a $50 late fee.

If satisfactory payment arrangements have not been made by the payment deadline, HTC may drop your courses. However, this does not mean your courses will definitely be dropped for non-payment or non-attendance.

If you choose not to attend your courses at HTC for any reason, you must drop your courses as soon as you know you know you will not be attending HTC (by the 5th business day of classes at the latest) or you will have to pay for them!

Planning to Use Financial Aid?

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, to determine the type and amount of aid for which you are eligible. Complete the FAFSA online on the link to the right. HTC offers sessions to help you complete the FAFSA. Go online to schedule a time if you need assistance

Please note:

  • You will need to complete the FAFSA each academic year.
  • Students are required to have a high school diploma or GED to receive financial aid. 
  • International students are not eligible to complete the FAFSA.

Types of Financial Aid

  • Federal and/or State Grants
  • Student Employment on campus
  • Student Loans

Outside Sources of funding:

  • Scholarships
  • Veteran's benefits
  • Third party/agency funding

View your Financial Aid Status in eServices

When you log in to your eServices, you can check your financial aid status. You may see any of the following statuses. The definitions of these statuses are as follows:

  • Review status - We need to review your file, allow up to 14 business days for us to review your file.
  • EDE corrections - We are making a change to your FAFSA, allow up to one week for corrections to be processed.
  • Letter phase status - We will be updating your account soon with a tracking letter, allow up to 3 days for a tracking letter to be generated.
  • Ready for packaging - An award letter will be generated soon, allow 2-3 days for the award letter to be printed.
  • Ready for payment - Your file is ready for disbursement of grants and loans (if the loans are certified) when we disburse financial aid.

Watch this video on how to check your financial aid status!

Book Charging

If you have been awarded financial aid and have your HTC award letter, you may be eligible to charge your books at the HTC Bookstore prior to receiving your financial aid disbursement. To do this, bring a photo ID and your class schedule to the Bookstore for assistance. Summer book charging is available May 9 - June 10, 2016 and Fall book charging is August 1 - September 2. If you have other sources paying for your books, you need to obtain a book voucher from the tuition office.

Financial Aid Disbursement

Financial aid disbursements begin the third week of each term.

Please Note:

  • Adjustments to aid may be made after disbursement of aid if a student's course schedule changes.
  • Requests to cancel a loan must be made in writing to the Financial Aid Office and if the  loan has been disbursed, the amount to be canceled must be returned to HTC.
  • Pell eligible students who enroll in a course after the Pell Census Date will not receive a Pell Grant for that course. The PellCensus Date is shortly after the start of each term (see calendar on website for dates). You must see a counselor or advisor for a pell census form.

For  financial aid questions, contact the Financial Aid Office at or 763-488-2500.

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