Things That May Help With Recruiting and Contacts – Ernie Parker June 12, 2014

  1. I get out and meet with industry and get key individuals to join our advisory committee and then listen to them. They are great for getting discounts, hiring your students and for good updated information. They will be a guest speaker, help with competition and many other things. Be sure to stay in touch with them throughout the year.
  2. Get to know the high school instructors in your fields. Forget about the high school counselors. Be willing to talk to their students. Offer to join their advisory committees. Help out judging their competitions. Help the students with their projects. I work with FIRST, STEM, PLTW, and Super High Mileage and hosted the MN Tech Challenge competition and then give them tours.
  3. Give extra credit to students that will arrange to go back with you to their high schools and talk about your program. Have them do the presenting.
  4. Myron Moser has offered to have a couple of his employees, our grads, to go out and talk to students with us and how their careers have developed over the years and how HTC fit into the big pictures.
  5. Offer to work with our foundation and hold an alumni luncheon at their company.
  6. Get involved with our foundation. I visit industry and buy lunch for individuals of companies that have or maybe willing to donate to our foundation. Every company that I have talked to has come up with a least $1000. Then when students apply for a job, have them thank that individual/company again for the scholarship, even if they were not the winner.
  7. Work with industry for donations and have the students write a personal thank you letter and give to you to mail out in a timely faction. For our final projects, the majority of the cost of components is donated to the students. In the last year and half, I have had over $500,000 in donations given to the school. Recently I had a load of aluminum donated that we could scrap out. Last year with our student club funds, I was able to purchase large Machinery’s Handbooks for every student that took Strength of Materials from me. That was 57 students worth and a saving of almost of $100 to each student. Work with the bookstore.
  8. Support the foundation with your own donation or scholarship. I’m twisting every single faculty member at EPC to donate something to our foundation. This is huge when looking for support from industry. Please attend the foundation dinner and host your guests.
  9. Try to attend every program society monthly meeting and get involved.
  10. Speaking a state and national convention will bring in lots of support.
  11. Keep a spreadsheet of your contacts broken down by name, company, address etc.
  12. Follow thru with donation forms. It relieves the companies of liability and a chance to re-thank them.
  13. Six months down the road, follow up with graduates. They are many times your best supporters.
  14. Work on articulations agreements with high schools and four year colleges.
  15. Teach for Customized Training. Those that you train will have kids, relatives or friends that may come your way. Great way to make good connections. The pay is over and above your normal contract hours and is unlimited. Even if you don’t want to teach the class, please get back to Customize Training and they will follow though. That extra funding make save a job. When doing Customize Training, try to do it for credits, HTC can make more money.
  16. Always have your business cards with you. I drive my 3 wheeler around in the summer to places where mechanical minded individual might be as I do business. This is always an attention getter.
  17. Don’t expect to get huge results right away. It will be one at a time and it will take a couple years to start filling the pipeline.
  18. We do a high school instructor summer camp to make contacts with HS instructors and support them in any way that we can.
  19. We hosted the NFPA regional conference April 1, 2014. Forty-two members attended. They are the CEOs and Vice Presidents of some of our companies.
  20. BPC hosted our second annual Fluid Power job fair. Great success.
  21. Work with some Boy Scout troops.
  22. Hold a career advising day for all the students in your department area and bring in four year college representatives to promote your articulation agreements. This is great for recruiting HS students to have those agreements. You could team up with me and make great use of their time when they are on campus for our event and say them a special trip to HTC.
  23. If a grant looks right for your program, put in for it. Usually there is some P.R. that goes with it and a nice saving to HTC.
  24. Take time to talk to HS students when they tour through your program.
  25. I write all of the “Air Teasers” for our national “Fluid Power Journal” and our names are printed in every copy. Free and excellent advertising.
  26. Work on joint projects with industry and the Universities.
  27. Let HS students come in and shadow for a day.
  28. Don’t be afraid to promote your program at any opportunity.
  29. Make an email folder with students and anyone interested in jobs that you can blind copy when job opportunities come in. When industry knows that, you will get more job offers and then more students. When an offer comes in, that information can easily be forwarded. This makes you the person to go to for jobs.
  30. Be willing to work with students at any time of the day when they have a question. Put them first and don’t tell them to wait until class starts or break if over with. Let them know that you like having them in class. They will be future contacts and employers.

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