Jason Jones


With no love for academics, Jason Jones says that college wasn’t in his plans following high school. Still, he knew he needed to do something more to start a career. That was in 1993.

“I was working overnights as a forklift operator,” says Jones, who grew up in Chaska, Minnesota. “A career in health care wasn’t on my radar.”  However, when a friend’s father enrolled in HTC’s four-week Nursing Assistant program, the friend encouraged Jones to consider enrolling because the training would allow him to earn a good living. “The college made it so easy and the program really prepared me to start working in health care.” It also prepared him to continue his education when he decided to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN.)

“I’ve been lucky in my career,” says Jones. “I like to move around a lot, and I’ve had great opportunities to do that.”  After graduating from HTC, Jones worked in a long-term care facility in the Twin Cities, and then he got a position in transitional care, which he describes as very medically-based, since it involves patients who have recently undergone surgery. Along the way, he completed training as an LPN at Dakota County Technical College. He has worked in Boston and Phoenix, in health care settings that range from caring for children in a pediatric burn unit to working with patients who are waiting for a heart transplant.

Now living in Minneapolis, Jones says that one of the good things about working in health care is that he has earned enough to put money aside for times when he wants to take a break from full-time work.  

Reflecting on his experience at HTC, Jones says that the best part about his training was the other students in his classes. “We worked together and formed study groups,” he recalls. “We had a really great experience working at a nursing home during the clinical portion of our training.”  He says that the hands-on experience of working in a real health care setting helped him feel prepared when he started his career.

Twenty years after completing his training at HTC, Jason Jones is glad he chose the college as the starting point in his health care career. He credits that training with helping him gain the skills and confidence to begin on a path to success. He sums it up simply by saying, “I love nursing.”   

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