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President’s Advisory Council (PAC)


To gather and engage internal stakeholder feedback for the advancement of the College and its mission. Members are expected to share and communicate as appropriate to their respective constituency.


Membership includes the following college leaders:

AASC Chair, Administrators, AFSCME Union Steward, Committee Chairs, Deans, Directors, Faculty Division Chairs, MSCF BPC Union President, MSCF EPC Union President, SGC President, Student Senate Leaders (BPC and EPC), and Task Force Chairs.


Jessica Lauritsen, Acting President/Vice President of Student Affairs

1. Michelle Obergfoll, Director of Academic Support Programs, Committee Chair

2. Matt Fischer, Committee Chair

3. Lisa Kiava, Committee Chair

4. Jessica Schultz, Executive Assistant to the President

5. Susan Amacher, Faculty Division Chair

6. Joan Bernard, Faculty Division Chair

7. JoAnn Brandt, Faculty Division Chair

8. Chad Grimmer, Faculty Division Chair

9. Jason Burrows, MSCF President, Eden Prairie; Faculty Division Chair

10. Marybeth Christenson-Jones, Vice President of Human Resources

11. Tara Clinkscales, Committee Chair

12. Anna Davis, Faculty Division Chair

13. Monica Erling, MSCF President, Brooklyn Park

14. Cara Garrett, Academic Dean

15. Jenessa Gerling, President, Shared Governance Council (SGC)

16. Brandon Holland, Faculty Division Chair

17. Mark Johnson, Academic Dean

18. Lori Johnson, Director of Finance

19. Jessica Lauritsen, Vice President of Student Affairs

20. Alison Leintz, Academic Dean

21. Jean Maierhofer, Associate Vice President of Equity and Inclusion

22. Debra Newgard, Dean of Enrollment Services



23. Chris Reineke, Faculty Division Chair

24. Randy Roehrick, Director of Public Safety

25. Dr. Leanne Rogstad, Vice President of Academic Affairs

26. Dena Russell, Director of Partnerships and College Pathway

27. Shannon Thomas, Associate Vice President of Technology, Research, and Planning

28. Jeff Thorstad, Faculty Division Chair; Chair, Academic and Standards Council (AASC)

29. Maggie Vyskocil, AFSCME Union Steward

30. Joe Wightkin, Vice President of Finance and Operations

31. Lisa Yaeger, Associate Vice President of Advancement

32. Jason Jones, Perkins Pathways Coordinator

33. Heidi Ricci, Director of Facilities

34. Dr. Turner Berg, Associate Dean of Enrollment Services

35. Stephen Harper, Director of Student Life and Career Development

36. Ariel David, Student Senate Leader

37. Jade Rodriguez, Student Senate Leader

38. Waldo Callo Tapia, Student Senate Leader

39. Alexandra Gleason, Student Senate Leader

40. Guadalupe Lira Jiménez, Student Senate Leader

41. Hae Ji Chung, Student Senate Leader

42. Nuradin Kawo, Student Senate Leader

43. Fadha Abib, Student Senate Leader