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shared governance council


Hennepin Technical College and the MSCF recognize that the faculty has a direct interest in college issues including, but not limited to, long and short range planning, priorities in the deployment of financial resources, acquisition and use of existing physical and human resources, institutional self-study, marketing, public relations, and recruiting activities. The parties agree that the council is established to make recommendations to the college on the following topic areas: personnel, student affairs, facilities, fiscal matters and general matters. (MSCF Contract 2017-19, Article 8, Section 1, Subd.1.)



Jenessa Gerling, SGC President, General Education Faculty
Jason Burrows, Eden Prairie Campus MSCF Chapter President, General Education Faculty
Monica Erling, Brooklyn Park Campus MSCF Chapter President, General Education Faculty 
Joe Wightkin, Vice President of Finance and Operations
Jessica Lauritsen, Vice President of Student Affairs
Dr. Leanne Rogstad, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dan Weishaar, Eden Prairie Campus MSCF Chapter Vice President & MSCF Grievance Representative, Motorcycle/Marine Faculty
Chris Hensiak, Brooklyn Park Campus MSCF Grievance Representative, Welding Faculty
Andy Thul, Eden Praire Campus Autotmotive Technology
Sandy Kretsch, Architectural Drafting Faculty
Jeff Thorstad, Automated Robotics Faculty
Mike Rudolph, Automotive Technology Faculty
Susan Thaemert, Dental Assistant Faculty
Don Myhre, Business Faculty
Kerry Norling, General Education Representative 

Non-voting members
Dr. Merrill Irving, Jr., College President