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Strategic Direction 1



Student Success
We will increase access and implement strategies that support persistence and lead to academic advancement.



Goal 1

Redesign and implement the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) plan


1.1  To increase student enrollment

1.2  To advance academic programming through strategic course scheduling and course/program expansion or development

1.3  To strategically develop quality high school and university partnership programs

1.4  To clearly articulate the academic requirements and course sequence for each award


Goal 2

Develop a targeted plan for students to persist


2.1  Design, deliver and communicate the results of high-quality co-curricular and work-based learning activities that support the mission  of the college

2.2  To implement an advising model that leads to persistence

2.3  To utilize technology to advance student completion

2.4  Increase accelerated and online educational opportunities

2.5  Increase the number of certificates, diplomas and degrees awarded


Goal 3

Increase targeted student support services


3.1  To decrease the number of stop out/ drop out students through early interventions

3.2  To increase targeted summer programming that leads to student success

3.3  To create a comprehensive first year experience program