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Strategic Direction 3


Quality Education
We will provide academic excellence through innovative, engaging curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities that respond to workforce needs and support educational pathways.


Goal 1

Provide integrated service support, consultation and solution finding to advance the institution


1.1 Implement an integrated service model to support all college and department systems and technologies
1.2 Implement institutional technology lifecycle management aligned to resource planning
1.3 Develop and lead an institutional planning and project delivery model


Goal 2

Technology Services will increase institution efficiency and effectiveness through formal strategic collaboration

2.1  Align technology infrastructure planning with partner institutions
2.2 Adopt a shared service model for technology used across partner institutions


Goal 3

Advance institutional capacity and effectiveness through technology

3.1 Increase communication effectiveness through technology
3.2 Implement enrollment, recruitment and retention strategies through technology
3.3 Implement financial and business processes by leveraging technology best practices and process improvement
3.4 Improve student success through educational technology and advancement of teaching strategies