Fire Protection

Fire Protection



This certificate prepares firefighters to be able to perform the duties of a company officer. This will include the areas of basic management, tactics, inspection, fire investigation and incident management which meet the requirements of NFPA 1021. Prerequisite: Graduate of the Fire Suppression Certificate or equivalent.

Program Title:
Fire Protection

Award Type:
Advanced Technical Certificate

Credits: Total Advanced Technical Certificate Credits 13
Award Outcomes:
  • Demonstrate basic supervisory and management skills
  • Identify effective managerial behavior
  • Identify the components of the incident management system
  • Demonstrate knowledge of fire ground strategy and tactics
  • Perform the required duties of a fire company officer

Career Opportunities:
Firefighters who complete this certificate are qualified to perform company officer duties.

Choose Total Advanced Technical Certificate Credits 13 credits from the following areas:
Technical Studies Required: 13 Credits
FRPT1110 Fire Instructor I 2
FRPT1120 Fire Officer I 2
FRPT1125 Fire Investigation I 2
FRPT1130 Fire Inspector I 2
FRPT1161 Building Construction for the Fire Service 3
FRPT2110 Strategy and Tactics 2
FRPT2115 Fire Officer II 2
Technical Studies Electives: 0 Credits
General Education Required: 0 Credits
General Education Electives: 0 Credits