Engineering CAD Technology

Engineering CAD Technology



The AutoCAD Operator certificate is designed to provide up-to-date AutoCAD skills for the person already trained or experienced in a technical field. Elective courses can be selected to best suit each students special needs and interests. Prerequisite: Graduation from or concurrent enrollment in a 2-year Engineering CAD or machining program or a minimum of 2 years of related work experience.

Program Title:
Engineering CAD Technology

Award Type:
Advanced Technical Certificate

Credits: Total Advanced Technical Certificate Credits 17

Career Opportunities:
Employment opportunities are as limited or as diverse as the student`s individual background. Companies of all types are looking for people with a technical background and AutoCAD skills.

Choose Total Advanced Technical Certificate Credits 17 credits from the following areas:
Technical Studies Required: 14 Credits
ENGC1021 Engineering Drawing II 3
ENGC1100 AutoCAD 4
ENGC1160 Inventor 4
ENGC2075 Engineering Design Project 3
Technical Studies Electives: 3 Credits
ENGC1011 Engineering Drawing I 3
ENGC1050 Additive Manufacturing 3
ENGC1250 SolidWorks I 4
ENGC1255 SolidWorks II 4
ENGC1900 Specialized Lab 1-4
MACH1056 Blueprint Reading I 3
METS1000 Computers in Manufacturing 3
METS1020 Industrial Manufacturing Processes 3
General Education Required: 0 Credits
General Education Electives: 0 Credits