Engineering CAD Technology

Engineering CAD Technology



The Engineering CAD Technology diploma is designed for students seeking a career in the design and development of manufactured products. Engineering CAD Technicians are specialists in translating the rough sketches, layouts and written specifications of the engineer or more senior designer into a drawing showing complete details and specifications. For nearly every type of fabricated products, from a light fixture to a motorcycle, or a computer monitor to a bridge, a design technician is needed to detail the entire project and its component parts. Strength calculations, product reliability, computer aided design (CAD) and specifications, and cost of materials may also be the responsibilities of the person trained in the occupation.

Program Title:
Engineering CAD Technology

Award Type:

Credits: Total Diploma Credits 64

Career Opportunities:
Persons trained in Engineering CAD work for companies which manufacture machinery, electrical equipment, computers, fabricated metal products, and transportation equipment. Others are employed by the government in public works, highway departments, or ordinance plants. Advanced competencies qualify a person for employment in industry as a Engineering CAD Technician. Experienced technicians with CAD skills are in demand.

Choose Total Diploma Credits 64 credits from the following areas:
Technical Studies Required: 53 Credits
ENGC1011 Engineering Drawing I 3
ENGC1021 Engineering Drawing II 3
ENGC1041 Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing 3
ENGC1100 AutoCAD 4
ENGC1160 Inventor 4
ENGC1201 Industrial CAD Project 3
ENGC1250 SolidWorks I 4
ENGC1255 SolidWorks II 4
ENGC2011 Special Fields of Drafting 3
ENGC2075 Engineering Design Project 3
MACH1056 Blueprint Reading I 3
MACH2425 Geometry/Trigonometry for Machinists 2
METS1020 Industrial Manufacturing Processes 3
METS2000 Engineering Design Principles 3
Technical Studies Electives: 3 Credits
ARET1200 Introduction to Robotics 2
FLPW1101 Fluid Power Technology I 3
ENGC1050 Additive Manufacturing 3
ENGC1900 Specialized Lab 1-4
ENGC2050 AutoCAD Upgrade Training 1
ENGC2200 Engineering CAD Technology Internship 3-4
MACH1205 Machine Tool Technology 3
METS2100 Statics and Strength of Materials 3
General Education Required: 8 Credits
COMM1050 Communication in the Workplace 2
MATH1500 Beginning Algebra 3
METS1000 Computers in Manufacturing 3
General Education Electives: 0 Credits