• Program: Landscape and Horticulture Careers
  • Degree: Diploma
  • Credits: Total Diploma Credits 64
  • Academic Planning Guide:


This program of study leading to a diploma concentrates on the multi-faceted career opportunities available in the landscape horticulture industry. Students will study a variety of required subjects and elective courses allowing them to customize their program. This is an excellent general program leading to varied opportunities in the landscape or greenhouse/nursery industry.

Career Opportunities

Employment options include greenhouse/nursery production, grounds care, retail and wholesale sales, interior landscaping, landscape installation and many specialized areas such as garden design and as municipal tree inspectors.

Award Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of greenhouse operation and management.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of nursery production and nursery crop management.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the care and maintenance of trees in the landscape.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the care and maintenance of turf.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the care and maintenance of landscapes.
  • Diagnose abiotic and biotic tree problems.
  • Recommend solutions for tree problems.
  • Communicate effectively with staff and clients.
  • Design flowerbeds.
  • Install landscapes.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of pesticides and their safe use.
  • Diagnose abiotic and biotic turf problems.
  • Recommend solutions for turf problems.
  • Diagnose abiotic and biotic landscape plant problems.
  • Recommend solutions for landscape plant problems.
  • Propagate nursery crops.
  • Use hand tools safely and efficiently.
  • Operate landscape and turf equipment safely and efficiently.
  • Identify plants and recommend uses.

Required Credits

Technical Studies Requirements 47 Credits
General Education Requirements 4 Credits

Elective Credits

Technical Studies Electives 9 Credits
  • LNDC1160 Greenhouse Infrastructure Technology 2
  • LNDC1166 Sustainable Food and Plant Production Fall 3
  • LNDC1176 Sustainable Food and Plant Production Winter 3
  • LNDC1187 Sustainable Food and Plant Production Summer 2
  • LNDC1900 Specialized Lab 1 to 4
  • LNDC2110 Introduction to Landscape Construction 2
  • LNDC2120 Landscape Construction I 4
  • LNDC2131 Landscape Construction II 3
  • LNDC2160 Sustainable Landscape Design I 4
  • LNDC2210 Tropical Plants and Their Uses 2
  • LNDC2335 Landscape Construction Internship 1 to 4
  • LNDC2345 Arboriculture Internship 1 to 4
  • LNDC2350 Grounds Maintenance Internship 1 to 4
  • LNDC2360 Horticulture Internship 1 to 4
General Education Electives 4 Credits
  • Any HTC 1000 level
    higher general education course may be used to satisfy the elective requirements.

Academic Planning Guide:

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