• Program: Marine, Motorsport and Outdoor Power Equipment Technology
  • Degree: Occupational Certificate
  • Credits: Total Occupational Certificate Credits 30
  • Academic Planning Guide:


Motorcycle Technicians service, diagnose and repair motorcycles.

Career Opportunities

Motorcycle Technicians find employment at motorcycle dealerships, distributors and manufacturers. Technicians are also in demand at service repair shops and businesses.

Award Outcomes:

  • Perform quality checks on completed work.
  • Service fuel Systems.
  • Service ignition systems.
  • Employ safety standards.
  • Service drive systems.
  • Integrate customer service and communication skills into repair work.

Required Credits

Technical Studies Requirements 30 Credits
  • MMST1100 Introduction to Marine and Motorsport Technology 3
  • MMST1105 Introduction to Engine Theory 3
  • MMST1110 Introduction to Fuel Systems 3
  • MMST1115 Introduction to Electrical Systems 3
  • MMST1120 Introduction to Ignition Systems 3
  • MMST1125 Service Management 3
  • MMST1130 Introduction to Drive Systems 3
  • MMST1145 Trailer Maintenance 3
  • MMST2105 Motorcycle Transmissions and Clutch Service 3
  • MMST2110 Motorcycle Wheels and Suspension 3
General Education Requirements 0 Credits

Elective Credits

Technical Studies Electives 0 Credits
General Education Electives 0 Credits

Academic Planning Guide:

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