Machine Tool Technology

Machine Tool Technology



CNC operators make precision and intricate parts for many industries including medical, computer, aerospace and recreational industries. They use computer-operated machine tools following explicit specifications to produce components. These components are produced from many types of metals and other materials. CNC operators are skilled workers who can efficiently operate basic CNC machine tools. The successful CNC operator must also be able to read shop drawings and use precision measuring instruments and hand tools. They must have acquired enough knowledge and sound judgment to perform many machining operations. In addition, they should be capable of making mathematical calculations required for machining the required parts. Credits earned for this certificate may be combined with other certificates and courses to earn a diploma.

Program Title:
Machine Tool Technology

Award Type:
Occupational Certificate

Credits: Total Occupational Certificate Credits 30
Award Outcomes:
  • Apply precision measurement techniques
  • Demonstrate sawing procedures
  • Demonstrate drilling procedures
  • Demonstrate grinding procedures
  • Demonstrate milling procedures
  • Demonstrate turning procedures
  • Interpret blueprints/drawings
  • Apply heat treating principles
  • Machine parts with tolerance
  • Apply math skills necessary for industry requirements
  • Operate equipment safely
  • Inspect machined parts for tolerance requirements
  • Operate CNC machines efficiently
  • Demonstrate teamwork
  • Develop part designs within a group

Career Opportunities:
CNC operators are employed in both small and large manufacturing firms that produce durable goods. Excellent opportunities exist for personal and professional growth in this industry.

Choose Total Occupational Certificate Credits 30 credits from the following areas:
Technical Studies Required: 25 Credits
MACH1056 Blueprint Reading I 3
MACH1100 Introduction to Machining Technology 3
MACH1105 Drilling and Sawing Processes 2
MACH1110 Turning Technology I 3
MACH1120 Turning Technology II 3
MACH1125 Milling Technology I 3
MACH1130 Milling Technology II 3
MACH1135 Precision Grinding 2
MACH1140 Introduction to CNC 3
Technical Studies Electives: 0 Credits
General Education Required: 5 Credits
MATH1007 Math for the Trades 2
METS1000 Computers in Manufacturing 3
General Education Electives: 0 Credits