A business-to-business professional sales representative is a person who actively and directly generates revenues for a company. Since people purchase emotionally and out of need, it is necessary to have individuals who can reassure the buyer that a sound logical purchase has been made. This individual is also a problem-solver for a business. The professional salesperson can help the business reach the company's profitability goals by working in coordination with a business to purchase the appropriate products or services. Skill development includes training in areas such as business, management, ethics, account/territory management, fundamentals of selling and managing client relations. To be a professional sales representative, a person must have other qualities. Some of these qualities include the ability to work well with others, the desire to be part of a team, and the ability to work with the unknown. In addition, the successful salesperson needs the following skills: critical thinking, decision-making, problem solving, questioning, diplomacy, and negotiation; as well as good oral and written communication skills.

Career Opportunities

This occupational area includes the following career titles: Sales Representative, Account Manager, Marketing Representative, Customer Sales Representative, Account Specialist, Client Relation Specialist, Sales Manager, Sales Support Specialist and Customer Solution Specialist. Professional Sales Representatives work with virtually every industry in the American economy: finance, real estate, insurance, health-care, manufacturing, construction, automotive and retail industries.

Award Outcomes:

  • Solve sales problems using critical thinking and decision making techniques.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal and team building skills.
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communications skills in sales communications.
  • Practice professional and ethical behavior.
  • Apply marketing concepts and strategies to sales decision making.
  • Demonstrate the steps of the sales process.
  • Manage Sales accounts and territories using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.
  • Apply management concepts to business problems.
  • Utilize financial concepts in analysis of business problems.

Required Credits

Technical Studies Requirements 45 Credits
General Education Requirements 15 Credits
  • COMM2050 Interpersonal Communication 3
  • COMM2060 Small Group Communication 3
  • COMM2130 Public Speaking 3
  • ENGL2121 Writing and Research 4
  • ENGL2125 Technical Writing 3
  • Choose one of the following: Any course from Goal 2 (Critical Thinking)
    Goal 4 (Mathematical/Logical Reasoning) of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum 3
  • Choose one of the following: Any course from Goal 5 (History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences)
    Goal 9 (Ethics and Civic Responsibility) of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum 3

Elective Credits

Technical Studies Electives 0 Credits
General Education Electives 0 Credits

Academic Planning Guide:

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