• Program: Business
  • Degree: Occupational Certificate
  • Credits: Total Occupational Certificate Credits 19
  • Academic Planning Guide:


This certificate combines a practical, step-by-step approach with a theoretical foundation to form a basic framework for understanding the theory, process, and practice of entrepreneurship. The aim of the certificate is to present the most current thinking in entrepreneurship as well as provide learners the opportunity to apply ideas and develop useful entrepreneurial skills.

Career Opportunities

This occupational area complements any other certificate, diploma or degree. Someone with this certificate will work within banks, insurance companies, health care facilities, government agencies, educational institutions, retail industries, and various service and manufacturing businesses. Entrepreneurs work with virtually every industry in the American economy: finance, real estate, insurance, health-care, manufacturing, construction, automotive and retail industries. In recent years, the allure of entrepreneurship has increased, with the results that more people than ever before are choosing to operate their own business.

Award Outcomes:

  • Solve business problems.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrate oral and written communications skills.
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical behavior.
  • Apply marketing concepts and strategies.
  • Apply supervision concepts to business problems.
  • Utilize financial concepts in analysis of business problems.

Required Credits

Technical Studies Requirements 19 Credits
General Education Requirements 0 Credits

Elective Credits

Technical Studies Electives 0 Credits
General Education Electives 0 Credits

Academic Planning Guide:

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