• Program: Pharmacy Technology
  • Degree: Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Credits: Total Associate in Applied Science Degree Credits 60
  • Academic Planning Guide:


The ASHP accredited pharmacy technology program prepares graduates for entry level careers working under the direction of registered pharmacists in retail, clinic, and hospital settings. Pharmacy technicians play an integral role in assisting pharmacists with prescription processing. The pharmacy technician complies with standard written procedures and guidelines under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist. Pharmacy technicians assist the pharmacist with medication preparation and administrative duties and provide front-line customer service in the pharmacy setting. Graduates are prepared for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam, which is necessary for certification.

Career Opportunities

Pharmacy technicians are employed in a variety of health care settings which include retail, hospital, and mail-order pharmacies, In addition, there are employment opportunities in in insurance companies.

Award Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of all policies and procedures that govern pharmacy technicians.
  • Perform duties as a pharmacy technician in the retail, industry and hospital environments.
  • Demonstrate the ability to prepare and interpret pharmacy orders accurately.
  • Exhibit work ethic characteristics of professionalism, responsibility and dependability.
  • Apply knowledge of basic sciences to the practice of pharmacy technology.
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate with patients, health care providers and colleagues.

Required Credits

Technical Studies Requirements 34 Credits
  • PHRM1000 Medical and Pharmacy Terminology 2
  • PHRM1010 Pharmacy Law and Ethics 2
  • PHRM1020 Pharmaceutical Calculations 2
  • PHRM1040 Principles of Pharmacy Practice I 4
  • PHRM1055 Pharmacology and Epidemiology of Disease Processes 5
  • PHRM1060 Principles of Pharmacy Practice II 5
  • PHRM1080 Pharmacy Technician Externship I 3
  • PHRM1090 Pharmacy Technician Externship II 3
  • PHRM1100 Chemistry for Pharmacy Technicians 4
  • BIOL2045 Human Biology 4
  • HLTH1010 Anatomy and Physiology 4
General Education Requirements 9 Credits
  • COMM2050 Interpersonal Communication 3
  • Choose one course from MnTC Goal Area 2 3
  • Choose one course from MnTC Goal Area 5 3

Elective Credits

Technical Studies Electives 0 Credits
General Education Electives 17 Credits
  • Hennepin Technical College‚Äôs 2000-level general education courses meet the guidelines of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).

Academic Planning Guide:

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