A Professional Floral Designer is a person who has trained in beginning as well as advanced levels of all floral shop operations. That training is necessary for those individuals who wish to be at an advanced level of competence and who wish to own or operate their own flower shop at some point in their career. Skill development includes training in basic, advanced and contemporary design, flower shop operations, selling merchandise, floral software and computer operations, as well as advanced wedding and funeral design training. Many other duties include caring for foliage and flowering plants, processing cut flowers and foliages and taking orders both over the phone and in person. To be a Professional Floral Designer a person must have special personal qualities. Some of these qualities include the ability to work well with others, the desire to be part of a team, manual dexterity, good communication skills, the ability to be a self-starter and the desire to help others. Many orders are general in nature and it is up to the Professional Florist to assist the customer in selecting the appropriate colors and types of flowers and plants to express the desired sentiment.

Career Opportunities

Trained Professional Floral Designers are in high demand and career opportunities are very good for well prepared individuals. Professional Floral Designers are employed by full-service florists, mass market florists, wholesale florist suppliers and as manufacturer reps. With ability, design creativity and professional business management skills, individuals can develop their own business as a very profitable venture. Many full-service flower shops in Minnesota are owned or managed by former students of the Floral Design program.

Award Outcomes:

  • Apply care and handling techniques to all floral materials.
  • Identify flowers and foliage.
  • Design with fresh materials.
  • Design with permanent materials.
  • Identify houseplants.
  • Explain houseplant basic care.
  • Perform basic daily floral shop operations.
  • Display awareness of industry standards.
  • Design flowers to wear.
  • Design flowers to carry.
  • Demonstrate advanced design techniques and styles.
  • Calculate prices for arrangements.

Required Credits

Technical Studies Requirements 28 Credits
  • FLWR1100 Fresh Cut Flower/Foilage Care, Handling and Identification 2
  • FLWR1112 Foliage and Flowering Plant Care, Handling and Identification 1
  • FLWR1201 Fresh Flower Design 3
  • FLWR1220 Contemporary Fresh Flower Design 2
  • FLWR1231 Party Design 1
  • FLWR1301 Permanent Flower and Foliage Design 3
  • FLWR1401 Floral Service and Merchandising 2
  • FLWR1421 Internship 3
  • FLWR1430 Entrepreneurship in the Floral Industry 2
  • FLWR1500 Sympathy Design 2
  • FLWR1600 Personal Flowers to Wear 2
  • FLWR1610 Wedding Design 3
  • FLWR1650 Advanced Floral Design 2
General Education Requirements 0 Credits

Elective Credits

Technical Studies Electives 0 Credits
General Education Electives 4 Credits
  • Any HTC college level general education course may be used to satisfy the elective requirement.

Academic Planning Guide:

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